Official Apps

The official Simplenote apps can be downloaded here:

More Ways to use Simplenote

People are building great products that work with Simplenote. If you experience problems with these, please contact their developers directly.

Mac OS X

  • nvALT

    A version of Notational Velocity with improved Simplenote syncing and additional features. By Brett Terpstra.

  • Notational Velocity

    Notes app for Mac OS X. An attempt to loosen the mental blockages to recording information and to scrape away the tartar of convention that handicaps its retrieval. Maintained by Zachary Schneirov.

  • Nottingham

    A Mac OS X notes app in the spirit of Notational Velocity, by Tyler Hall. Supports tags, Markdown, WikiLinks and more.

  • Scrivener

    A powerful content-generation tool for writers that allows you to concentrate on composing and structuring long and difficult documents. By Literature & Latte.


    Send text from your Mac’s clipboard to Simplenote with a single click. By Axonic.

  • Metanota

    A Mac OS X client and editor for creating and managing notes. Includes search, auto-formatting and full tag support.

  • Tinderbox

    A personal content assistant for Mac OS X that helps you visualize, analyze, and share your notes.


    • ResophNotes

      A Simplenote client for Windows, by C.Y. Yen.


      Send text from your Windows clipboard to Simplenote with a single click. By Axonic.

    • CintaNotes

      Lightweight note management app, supports tagging and searching. Pro version syncs with Simplenote. By Cinta Software.

    • Notation

      Note-taking app for Windows with support for Simplenote.



        An open source web client with keyboard shortcuts, offline
        mode, and support for all Simplenote features. By Britt O’Halloran.

      • nvPY

        nvpy is a Simplenote syncing tool for Linux that also runs on Windows and OS X. By Charl Botha.


      • pondNotes

        A Simplenote app for webOS 3.0.0 and later. From the developer of ‘Noted!’.

      • BerryNote

        BerryNote provides a feature-rich Simplenote experience on the PlayBook tablet. Created by Vivace.

      • Notational Acceleration

        A basic note taking app for Android devices in the tradition of Notational Velocity, by Kludgenics.

      • SolidNote

        A note taking application for Android phones that syncs with Simplenote.

      • Metro Note

        Windows Phone note taking app that syncs with Simplenote. Search notes by content or tags and use your phone’s touch UI for tagging and pinning notes.

      • Feather Notes

        Feather Notes is a rich Simplenote client for Windows Phone which allows to share notes across all your devices.

Extensions, Scripts, and Plugins

    • gSyncit

      gSyncit provides syncing between Simplenote and Microsoft Outlook. By Fieldston Software.

    • QuickFox Notes for Firefox

      QuickFox Notes is a multi-tab note taking add-on for Firefox that uses the integrated bookmarks system to store notes. Syncs with Simplenote. By InBasic.

    • Syncpad for Simplenote, a Google Chrome Extension

      A browser extension for Google Chrome that allows viewing and editing of Simplenote content, both online and off. Supports tags, pinned notes, searching, and more. By Stephan Hattinger.

    • Simplenote.vim

      A plugin that allows you to use Simplenote from within the vim editor, by Daniel Schauenberg.

    • Emacs Package

      An Emacs package that allows you to use Simplenote from within Emacs, by Konstantinos Efstathiou.

    • SimplenoteSync

      A Perl script for syncing with local text files, by Fletcher Penney. Read the instructions carefully. Compatible with any software that can access text files.