Review on Daring Fireball

John Gruber from Daring Fireball has written a glowing, in-depth review of Simplenote here.

“I’ve tried a slew of iPhone notes apps, and not only is Simplenote my favorite, it might be my favorite App Store app period. It’s that good.”

Thanks to our new users who have joined us after reading his review! You’re giving us some great feedback that we’ll be incorporating shortly. In the near term we are:

  • Changing the icon
  • Making ongoing refinements to the web app
  • Adding swipe deletion in the note list
  • Adding hyperlink support to notes
  • Making ongoing aesthetic improvements to the device app
  • Considering the best way to add bigger features like sorting options while maintaining Simplenote’s simplicity

Also, Simplenote is now on twitter! Follow us at @simplenoteapp for ongoing updates.

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