Simplenote 2.11, a new website, and extras!

We’re happy to announce the release of Simplenote 2.11. Many thanks to all the people who have sent us feature requests, bug reports, and positive feedback over the past few weeks. Version 2.12 will incorporate even more of your ideas

Here’s a final list of changes:

  • final icon (many thanks to our friends at tap tap tap for the design!)
  • prompt for new password after changing it via the web
  • improved the process of logging into a different account
  • automatic reopening of last viewed note is now immediate
  • search bar now looks and feels more standard
  • added a button for adding a new note in the note editor
  • fixed sync problem when a note is automatically reopened
  • fixed sync problem after swipe deleting a note
  • fixed visual glitch when editing a note in portrait mode
  • fixed keyboard hiding after rotating the view
  • fixed some scrolling problems with the note editor


To celebrate, we’ve re-designed this website! The new site is fast, clean, and simple, just like the app. It’s more device-friendly, too.

Last but not least, we’ve started giving developers access to the Simplenote API to create cool new stuff that will improve your experience. There’s not much available yet, but keep checking back for more here.


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