Problems as a result of yesterday’s maintenance

Last night, from 5pm PST to 7pm PST, our backend systems had a period of maintenance followed by an update to prepare for the forthcoming release of Simplenote 2.14. Unfortunately, due to an error, some note data was lost.

We fixed this error and updated our systems as soon as we became aware of the problem. Thanks to the handful of people who helped verify a solution.

If you notice any data missing from the web versions of your notes, please launch Simplenote on your iPhone or iPod touch and perform a full sync. Your notes will be sent to the web version and fully restored.

If you made changes via the web app without syncing them to your device, it’s possible that a sync will not restore your changes. Please email us at if you think this situation applies to you.

We’re very sorry for this error. We take pride in Simplenote’s syncing and we do our best to make sure it “just works” without you having to think about it.

Your note data is already redundantly stored on your device and on the web, but in the near future, we’ll also be performing secure, off-site backups on a regular basis to add an extra safeguard against potential data loss.