Simplenote 2.5 approved in record time!

Well, that was fast and unexpected. Apple approved Simplenote 2.5 before we even announced that we submitted it! We’re scrambling a bit over here, so please bear with us…

This version has a healthy list of improvements and fixes. When combined with all the changes in the last big update, we felt this warranted a version bump to 2.5. Here’s the complete list:

  • faster scrolling performance of note list
  • faster startup time
  • much faster syncing
  • added option to disable automatic links
  • hide search bar by default
  • added option to not hide search bar
  • prompt new users to create an account
  • added password confirmation field to account creation
  • use standard network progress indicator
  • removed custom network progress indicator
  • improved appearance of 0-line note previews
  • improved reliability of sync-on-close and sync-on-resume
  • fixed date in note editor when sorting by creation
  • fixed note list skipping when sorting by creation
  • fixed some localization problems
  • fixed some problems when viewing searched notes
  • fixed rare crash when clearing search field
  • fixed potential crash when the app closes

Astute Simplenote users (of which there seem to be many of you) will probably also notice a new little option that says “Show Ads.” Don’t fret! If you’ve paid for the app, then we’ll never force you to see ads on your device. That’s only fair. But you’re welcome to turn them on if you want. They’re nice, very unobtrusive, and they’ll help us, especially when you tap them and buy the corresponding app.

As you might have already seen, we’re also experimenting with ads in the web app as part of our ongoing quest to expand Simplenote. We’re not 100% happy with how the web ads are visually integrated yet, but this is something we’ll keep thinking about as we continue to experiment. Note that premium users can disable these.

The ads are offered by Fusion. They rock. We’ll have more news to announce about all this next week. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the update! Let us know if you spot any problems and we’ll get a fix out there. Very quickly, apparently.

5 thoughts on “Simplenote 2.5 approved in record time!

  1. Several App Store developers are reporting record breaking approval times as well. Glad to see Apple working on that problem.Tremendous update 🙂

  2. What am I missing? I don’t see any of the new options you mentioned. These are supposed to be on the wrench screen?

  3. Never mind. The update downloaded through my iPod and looked like it was updating, but must have failed somehow. Later the update appeared in iTunes and that worked fine.

  4. Love the app, Dashnote has replaced my long time love affair with WikityWidget, a project that was abandoned awhile ago. I hope Simplenote takes a look at this OSX Dashboard widget if you haven’t already, the killer feature that Simplenote could one day implement is a simple wiki linking style across notes, just add brackets to a word & it links to the note that is titled the same. Also, is the Chrome extenison the only PC compatible simplenote app that syncs for offline use?

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