Support for Apple’s latest updates

Some people have been asking about whether or not we’ll support Apple’s latest operating system, iOS4, and the new, higher resolution iPhone 4. The short answer is yes!

Actually, Simplenote already works with both iOS4 and the iPhone 4. But there are some improvements we can make. In particular, we’ll improve the quality of some of the icons, and we’ll try to make multitasking work as seamlessly as possible.

If you have any other requests, please let us know in the comments, by tweet (@simplenoteapp) or by email at

25 thoughts on “Support for Apple’s latest updates

  1. I recently tried "Write" on my iPhone — it’s a great little app with full-screen capability. If you can figure out a simple and seamless way to allow me to write in full-screen mode, that’d be fantastic :)Other than that, I think I’d just like to be surprised by what you folks come up with.

  2. State-saving is obviously handy, and task completion for sync on exit, but you effectively do both of those anyway, so I guess it’s just less code for you :)On an update-related note, is there any particular reason that data detectors don’t exist on the iPad?

  3. A new homescreen icon would be nice. I rather dislike the current one – your twitter icon looks much better! 🙂

  4. @rolphus: There’s a technical limitation that makes this tricky on both the iPhone and the iPad. We’re seeking a workaround.@James: We agree, a new icon is in the making.

  5. I agree with the full screen mode.Also, I’ve been using Steven Franks fork of Notational Velocity with Markdown support… Would be great to have something similar in Simple Note.

  6. I just uploaded iOS4 to my 3GS phone, and Simplenote now quits every time I try to edit a document . I can see the data for old entries, just cant edit them. Has this happened to anyone else?

  7. I’d love to see bold, italic, and font size control. Full blown RTF would be amazing, but just bold, italic, and simple font size control would be a great start.

  8. I very much agree that it would be fantastic if Markdown support could be implemented in Simplenote.Another great improvement would be if I returned to exactly the same place where I left Simplenote. Now I have to tap in the note and then find the right place within the note, which is somewhat tedious, especially in long notes.

  9. I know there numerous alternatives, but a native Mac app akin to the iPad would be nice. Enhanced security would be nice, too, for those times when I need to store personal data…

  10. The ability to shrink or get rid of the note list when in iPad landscape view would be great. I’m finding a few times where an errant finger hits a note down th list when I’m trying to type

  11. TLS/SSL enforced on 3rd party programs, and of course on Simplenote App too.Encryption on Simplenote servers, the same way Firefox Sync keeps data encrypted on their servers.Other than that, this is a great app and service. Congrats.

  12. Can we get some kind of release window for when we can expect an iOS4 and Retina Display update? That would be fabulous.

  13. +1 for any sort of formatting, markdown or otherwise. The notes list literally uses Bold to differentiate the title line, and gray text to play down the rest of the text. But in the text document itself, we are not able to have the same function. All I really want is the ability create section headings, so that I’m not staring an endless stream of uniform text in my longer notes. I don’t want to actually "format" a document, that’s what something like pages is for. Markdown support (disabled by default) would solve this problem, but other simpler options for inserting a bold section heading would suffice too.

  14. Font size adjustment is very important, I think. On the iPad, the standard font size is just a bit too small for comfort. It would be wonderful to be able to adjust it or zoom it to one’s personal preference.

  15. +1 for Steve’s question… retina display support soon?? I’m hesitant to go pro until I know retina icons are on the way for sure…

  16. Do Apple's policies still forbid integration with Spotlight (iPhone native search), as was stated on the blog sometime last year?

  17. It appears that the next update is mere days away, so this may be a given, but my biggest requests are simply support for my fancy new Retina Display and iOS 4's fast app switching. After that, the ability to somehow group notes would definitely be nice (folders would work, but some simpler paradigm maybe more akin to the colored labels available in the Mac Finder might be more in line with what I think of when I think "Simplenote"). I can't really think of any other features I would like, and I also think Simplenote's absence of "features" is part of what makes it so great!

  18. I would love markdown integration! I use Notational Velocity (nvAlt) on my MacBook Pro and Simplenote on my iPad. When I'm away from my MBP I'd love to preview my markdown files from before I export them.(One reason is that I can email the markdown in my Simplenote app to my Posterous account to publish a preformatted blog post. But the concept applies to about anything.)

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