iOS update: sharing, passcode lock, fixes and more

An update for Simplenote is now live in the App Store. If you use Simplenote for iOS, download the update to get several important fixes and a small number of carefully selected new features.

This update makes it easier to use tags and sharing. Check out this post to learn how to tag people and create group tags.

We’ve also added an option to enable a passcode lock to protect all your notes. You’ll find this in the Settings screen. When you enable the lock, people can still use other apps on your device, but they won’t be able to access your notes in Simplenote unless they know your code.

Premium subscribers are also treated to two great new features: Dropbox syncing and lists.

Are you an original, paid Simplenote user or did you buy an ad-free upgrade in the past? An unfortunate bug in this update has re-enabled your ads, but we’ve got you covered. We’re giving you all complimentary premium upgrades until a fix is available. This will let you disable ads in the meantime.

Lastly, here are some fixes that are in this update:

  • fixed an intermittent crash when the note list updates
  • fixed slowdown when typing in larger notes
  • fixed toolbar sometimes disappearing when using versions
  • fixed not being able to use spaces in passwords
  • word count now reports actual count rather than an estimate
  • improved note list preview for notes that have a single paragraph of content
  • removed redundancy in note list previews when viewing notes by tag
  • fixed occasional display problems with note info
  • fixed published notes erroneously disabling the sharing button

Have you tried the Simplenote web app lately? We’ve fixed and improved lots of small things there as well. Thanks for your feedback as we continue to make improvements.

7 thoughts on “iOS update: sharing, passcode lock, fixes and more

  1. I've noticed the changes in the web app as of late and love them. Maybe it worked in the past, but now it seamlessly integrates with my iphone. I can work on notes here in the browser, then step away from my desk and add notes while on the go. When I come back the page has already been refreshed with the new information. A great feature and with the lack of duplicate notes being created my confidence in using this product has grown by leaps and bounds (esp. w/ Dropbox sync!) Thanks again for all the hard work.

  2. Like the new update, unfortunate about the ad bug. Premium membership to remove them is appreciated as well but would've like a short trial period to try the list and dropbox sync features that come with the premium model as well.

  3. I have an iPad running iOS 3.2.1 and since the update Simplenote crashes shortly after launch. It crashes after trying to sync with the server. Love the app however the crashing right now makes it unusable.

  4. @Scott: Thanks, that's an interesting idea.@Andre: There's an unfortunate problem that can affect people using iOS versions less than 4.0. We've fixed this and already submitted an update. It'll hopefully be available this week. Very sorry for the inconvenience. If you can upgrade to a newer version, then that would also solve the problem.

  5. Although I still think Simplenote is the best cloud syncing notes app around, I am disappointed with the latest developments and how they are integrated into the app and user interface. Additionally because there is no structured documentation available, it makes it harder to use the new features correctly.1. Documentation/support: Whilst looking for explanation on how to share notes, I searched for a documentation or support/help section on The support center is currently linked under "Contact", and the blog also contains valuable information.-> It would be useful to have a support section available directly from the main page, and an online manual or wiki. Basically a more structured approach on how to find information.2. The UI of the app has become confusing and less consistent. The "pin to top" function is available by clicking on the "i", whilst sharing is under the "sharing" icon. But in the new version this is not where sharing is configured, you do it by typing an e-mail address in a tag. Sorry guys, but how are we supposed to understand all this?Just my thoughts. :-)Martin

  6. My Simplenote ipad app now crashes right after launch. I needed to use Simplenote for a meeting this morning and was unable to launch it on my ipad. Had to react quickly and I downloaded the Evernote app instead. Hope Simplenote corrects that bug quickly or I am going to move to Evernote…

  7. @Martin: You're right, our documentation is in need of improvement. We'll be working on this. As for sharing, we think this was an important change that needed to be done. Depending on feedback, the old "sharing" interface could evolve into something else or be replaced entirely.@Antoine: There was an unfortunate issue that caused some people using iOS versions less than 4.0 to crash. We submitted a fix for this last week. It should be ready soon.

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