What we’ve been up to

For those who use the Simplenote web app, did you notice you can now delete your tags? Just click the trash can icon next to a tag in your tag list, and it’ll be removed entirely.

A Simplenote iOS update also hit the App Store awhile back with a variety of fixes.

Most importantly, we’ve been hard at work on a big improvement to the way syncing works. This is a huge undertaking. Our goal is to make syncing even faster and more reliable since we believe it’s Simplenote’s core strength.

We look forward to sharing the changes with you when they’re ready.

10 thoughts on “What we’ve been up to

  1. As George said above, Simplenote is an unbelievably useful resource for me. I use it every day. A quick question though: I love the integration that you guys have with DropBox, but I've recently stopped using DropBox whenever they had their security breach a couple of weeks ago. (I could go on a rant about how seriously companies offering cloud-services need to be taking user's security, but that's beside the point). At the moment, I'm searching for another cloud-storage solution that's as easy-to-use and convenient as DropBox, but I'll miss the Simplenote integration. Are there any plans for Simplenote to offer syncing with other cloud services? And if so, what cloud service should I switch to?

  2. @all: Thanks for your encouragement.Regarding integration with other services, we don't have any announcements.

  3. Will the list feature that's available in the iOS client (and even in the third party Android client, Flick Note) ever come to the web app? The ability to order list items by drag-and-drop is huge.

  4. Great app. Love it, use it everyday and have turned dozens of friends onto it.Is there a way to sort notes that do NOT have tags? So I could tag them?Steve

  5. Just discovered Simplenote this morning at 4:00 AM, on my phone, in bed, awake–pondering how I can effectively manage notes on my iPhone with simplicity. OMG! You guys did it! I especially love how we can instantly publish a note to a webpage AND changes are instantly synched and updated!!Bravo! I'll definitely tell others about SN!My only suggestion is for SN to add the ability to manage the ORDER of notes. Maybe I just haven't discovered it yet–only had it for one hour!–Bob Anderson

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