Multitasking and Performance Improvements in Latest App Updates


Hello, Simplenoters! New updates are now available for iOS, Android and OS X.

Here’s what’s new in each app (in addition to a spiffy new app icon):


We’ve fine-tuned the app for iOS 9: Simplenote now allows multitasking on supported iPads using both Slide Over and Split View modes. Multitasking is a very handy way to get information copied to and from Simplenote quickly! We also greatly improved the performance of the app when working with large notes and added support for additional languages.

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The Android update includes many tweaks to the Material Design-based theme of the app. You’ll now see more native components throughout the app which gives it an even cleaner look. The light theme is also looking better than ever with a new white toolbar. We also tweaked the tablet layout by moving the create post button to the list while viewing in landscape, so it doesn’t get in the way of the note editor.

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In addition to many bug fixes, the OS X app has received a huge performance upgrade in the latest update. You can now work on very large notes without issue.

Download Simplenote for OS X

What’s Next?

We hope you enjoy the latest Simplenote updates. We’re continuing to iterate on the app and have some great ideas stewing for the future. Be sure to follow us @simplenoteapp for the latest!

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8 thoughts on “Multitasking and Performance Improvements in Latest App Updates

  1. Great app … just hope they make improvements to the performance of the Web application. The web app ‘stalls’ letter by letter when typing a note while other web apps like EN, etc do not experience same delays. Currently use Respoh Notes on desktop and simply sync with SimpleNote to get around issue.

    1. Not saying it’s perfect, but just to add my anecdotal experience to the record: The latest incarnation of the web application has been running perfectly smoothly for me, even with 1,419 notes in my account. It’s great to be able to access them even when I’m on a shared computer at work. Much appreciated. 🙂

      1. That’s great. Tested it 4 devices – 2 on different wi-fi networks and same hesitating entry. Simple note support did acknowledge there will be delays on web app with long long notes (don’t have any very long notes) … But it’s note entry for new note

        Third device now and 3rd wifi … This reply smooth as silk but when I opened simple note app on web 3-4 seconds stall between key tap and visible on note.

        Resophnotes is unfortunately the fix for me

    2. Hi Bob, what browser are you using? Does the stalling happen with other browsers? Does it happen if you, for example, disable all extensions?

      1. Fred:
        Did not consider browser – will check with Mozilla and Edge and let you know.
        I use Chrome exclusively.

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