Upcoming changes to Simplenote

While the next update for Simplenote awaits Apple’s approval, we’d like to share with you all the core changes we made to the app.

We’re very careful about making changes to Simplenote. We’ll never add new stuff just to make our feature list longer than someone else’s. Instead, we’re committed to keeping a laser sharp focus on what Simplenote does best: text notes.

You can now sort by modify date (the default), creation date, or alphabetically. Web syncing can be disabled if necessary. And if you’re reading or writing in bed, or hanging upside down from a tree, you can lock your current orientation so it doesn’t flip unexpectedly. We wouldn’t want to make assumptions about where you do your best work!

You can also change the number of preview lines in the notes list to anywhere from zero to five, and you can display an abbreviated modification (or creation) date.

Notes can now have web, phone, and email links that you can tap in order to launch the corresponding app. And you can now email notes from inside the app. These were by far the two most requested features for Simplenote.

Furthermore, our design conscious users will appreciate a number of subtle aesthetic improvements, including a new animated search bar, smoother page transitions, a standard trash icon, a standard colored area above the search bar, and better formatting.

A huge thanks to Nick Farina over at Spotlight Mobile for helping us with his keen eye (and even some code)! His involvement helped us really polish these aesthetic changes.

We made a couple of great speed improvements as well. The app loads even faster now. If you leave a note open before closing the app, it will appear almost instantly so you can start reading it right away. Your position in this note is remembered now, too. And we’ve improved search-as-you-type so you can find notes quickly even if you have hundreds of notes on an older, 1st-generation iPod touch.

Last, but not least, we addressed some unfortunate problems: we fixed some missed syncs by syncing when the app closes, we fixed the “+” button not appearing sometimes, we fixed a rare text overwrite that we missed the last time, and we fixed support for international time formats.

We hope you like these changes. As always, please let us know what you think so we can continue to improve the Simplenote experience. We have more to announce in the coming days!

19 thoughts on “Upcoming changes to Simplenote

  1. Looking forward to it! Thanks for not making Simplenote bloated! Focus on the content is what we need!

  2. Great! I really like these improvements.But I also have one feature request: integration with iPhone’s Spotlight (or maybe it’s called iPhone Search?). Please 🙂

  3. Was so glad to hear about the new features — and so sad to see Simplenote is not available on the romanian App store 😦

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone!@Adrian, unfortunately Apple doesn’t allow this yet, but we’ll add it when they do.@lancu, Simplenote should be available worldwide. Strange that it doesn’t show up for you!

  5. It shows up when I search for it in the App Store, but when I click to buy it, the "Your request could not be completed. The item is not currently available in the Romania store" message appears :(I have to mention that we don’t have iTunes Music Store in Romania, only the App Store—don’t know if it’s related with unavailability of some apps.

  6. This means that your auto-opened note will appear almost instantly so you can start reading it right away.Auto opened note? I’m lost. What does that refer to?Love the app, improvements sound great!

  7. @jack If you leave a note open when you close the app, that note will automatically open the next time you launch the app. We’ll clarify this, thanks!

  8. So, no TextExpander integration in this release? Oh well, I’ll keep up my hopes.Otherwise, thanks for the app, love it.

  9. A wonderful app. Given the recent interest, are there any plans to make syncing with Notational Velocity simpler?

  10. Awesome! can’t wait for the update. I’d be happy to buy the app if its released as a new version (just as long as my data is kept intact!)

  11. these are great news for the update, much looking forward to it.changing the sort order is my favorite! being able to order by date of creation will make keeping a diary possible, allowing to add/correct some text later on without having the date/order change.in this respect it would be helpful to be able to manually change the creation date – in this way, on november 19th i could write a diary entry for the 18th for example.keep the good work up and yes, keep it simple!

  12. I just discovered Simplenote, I find it very useful. I’m further forward to those new features, especially the hyperlinking capability. One further request: I read a lot through Text-to-Speech technology, as on a Kindle or the TTS capability of the Mac. Sure would be great if Simplenote and/or the iPhone as a whole gained that capability. In the mean time thanks for a great product.

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