Our new web app and an exciting partnership

We just flipped the switch on a shiny new Simplenote web app design made by Eric Grossnickle over at Mighty Dream! Eric is the creator of the popular Simplenote Restyled theme. Using Restyled as a starting point, he put together a new design that is just as simple as our old one, but far more elegant. He does great work. Thanks Eric! Here’s a screenshot:

By popular demand, we also added a landscape mode for the web app that shows more notes and gives you a larger typing area. This new mode is great for widescreen monitors and should also work well on most laptops. You can switch to the new landscape mode by visiting your account settings in the web app.

Let us know what you think of the new design!

Lastly, you know the legendary Notational Velocity notes app for Macs? Well, we’d like to announce that the Simplenote team and the Notational Velocity team are working together to bring you tight integration. Awesome! There’s no release date yet, so you’ll have to wait awhile, but it’s on the way.

16 thoughts on “Our new web app and an exciting partnership

  1. We’ve applied a fix for the non-sticky landscape option. You should just be able to visit your account page again to set it properly.

  2. This is a lovely redesign, but I do feel the "landscape mode" setting should be a client-set cookie rather than a per-account setting. I may wish to have different settings depending on where I’m viewing, as the landscape mode is handy on height-restricted machines such as my laptop, but the portrait mode looks better on my desktop.Very excited about the Notational Velocity integration news, too!

  3. @rolphus, You make a good point about using it on different machines. We’ll look into it!@shaun, Our apologies for not contacting you earlier about the upcoming changes (because they probably break your style). Your restyling is great too!

  4. Is this upcoming app coming only to Mac?I love the new design, I have use that userscript for sometime, never guessed that it be come to official design 😛 Nice work!

  5. Great! But why is the text all grey until you click it once and then always black? Why bother with the grey?Also a red cross on the delete button would be a nice touch. Red is the ruler of colors when it comes to warnings and the grey just makes it feel like it’s inactive and doesn’t do anything at the moment.Don’t forget fixed width font on the app! 😉

  6. Love the updated look. Still is simpler as ever and looks better too. I think you guys have achieved what you were looking for. Keep up the good work.

  7. It’s a very attractive update! When I launched it, I was wowed.I sure would like it if the design had a much narrower minimum width, and a fluid maximum width. I like to put it in a very narrow browser window that sits along the edge of other apps. As is, the 600px fixed width doesn’t allow that.

  8. Notational Velocity and Simplenote synching is pretty much the holy grail for me. I know we’ll have to wait, but I hope it’s not too long. Love both products. They need each other 🙂

  9. Just want to say how excited I am for notaional velocity to work with simplenote! I’ll finally have the note app for my mac and iPhone that I’ve been dreaming of.. 😀

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