Big update released with TextExpander support

With this update, Simplenote is even faster and cleaner. We also hand-picked some new features for your note-taking pleasure. Here’s a list of what’s new:

  • new web app design created by Mighty Dream
  • notes can have web, phone, and email links
  • notes can be sorted in different ways
  • supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion
  • toggle for disabling web syncing
  • option to lock orientation
  • option to change number of preview lines
  • option to show modify date in note list
  • in-app emailing
  • new options screens
  • even faster startup time
  • auto sync when the app closes
  • improved search bar look and feel
  • faster searching with lots of notes
  • restore position in auto-opened note
  • respect international time formats
  • fixed “+” button not appearing
  • fixed rare text overwrite
  • subtle aesthetic improvements
  • premium features

Also, to celebrate our integration with TextExpander, they have discounted it to $1.99 for a limited time! TextExpander is a great way to quickly enter frequently used text into your notes.

4 thoughts on “Big update released with TextExpander support

  1. Great update – thank you!! Couple of questions; out of curiosity; how are you able to achieve "sync as app closes’? I don’t know anything about app creation – but doesn’t the app stop when I hit the button? So does that mean as I’m closing the app, it’s syncing? That’s awesome! On every screen, even if I’m editing a note?Also – how does a "standard" (not premium) user handle sync conflicts? How does your app handle that?Thanks!- Jesse

  2. Love the update. It’s faster, (slightly) prettier, and has shiny new features. There aren’t many times that an app developer manages all three!

  3. great update as already mentioned before!two proposals also to see what other users things of it:1.when soring by "creation date", show the "creation date" at the bottom of the note, not the "modification date".when sorting by "modification date" then show the "modification date" at the bottom of the a note always shows the modification date at the bottom, leading to the incoherent situation that when sorting by "creation date", the note list indicates the creation date, while the note shows a different (modification) date.2.allow for manually changing a note’s "creation date"this would enable to write a note for a day different than "today" when sorting by "creation date", such as in the case of keeping a implement this, the following could work:. show the "creation date" at the bottom of a note when sort "by creation date". make this "creation date" at the bottom of a note clickable. clicking on that date brings up a date selection interface such as is used by the iphone’s alarm clock.. the key to this would be to highlight the date at the bottom of a note slightly so that it visually becomes a button – in this way, no additional graphic element would need to be added to simplenote’s wonderfully clean and clutter-free interface.what do other users think of this?best,kristian

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