An overview of Simplenote Premium

The upcoming version of Simplenote allows you to buy a premium subscription at a competitive price. If you use Simplenote in your daily life, a premium subscription will give you additional power, reliability, and flexibility.

Our goal with the subscription is to add significant value to your experience. Of course, buying a subscription will also help us pay for our costs, and support future development.

It’s easy to subscribe: when the next update is released, simply visit the Options page on your iPhone or iPod touch and tap Premium Features. Wait for the price to show up, press the button, and one year of premium features will be yours. The cost will be $10 per year (US).

Premium features will initially include the following:

Automatic Backup. For peace of mind, Simplenote Premium will regularly backup all your notes. You’ll rest easy knowing that older versions of your notes are accessible in the web app if you ever need them.

Note Merging. Simplenote syncs your notes automatically. But if you edit a note in two places at once without a sync happening in-between, then a conflict can arise. Simplenote Premium does extra work to try and intelligently merge your notes in this case. (Note that this feature is currently not available for very long notes, nor for notes synced via the API).

Create By Email. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could turn an email into a note? With Simplenote Premium, you’ll get a private email address for creating new notes by email.

RSS Feed. RSS is a publishing format you can use to read and share your notes in a variety of ways. When you subscribe to Simplenote Premium, you’ll get your very own RSS feed.

Unlimited API Usage. When you use Simplenote Extras, such as desktop applications and scripts, we need to reserve the right to limit your usage to about 2000 API requests per day. With Simplenote Premium, your daily usage is unlimited (as long as you don’t abuse or misuse the system).

Insider Access. With your purchase of Simplenote Premium, you’ll get early access to new services for the duration of your subscription.

Premium Support. Our regular support is usually quite fast, but with your subscription, we’ll give you a high priority support address.

We hope you’ll consider this option when it becomes available! In particular, some of you are heavy users of 3rd-party extras like SimplenoteSync and JustNotes. We’re happy that you try to melt our servers with your ongoing syncing! But after the update is released, if your usage surpasses the API limits, we’ll let you know and invite you to upgrade to a premium subscription, or tell you what to do to lower your usage.

Lastly, if you’re interested in reading a little more about Simplenote, its history, and the people who make it, we’ve also posted The Surprising Story of Simplenote today over at the new Cloud Factory website.

The Simplenote update is “In Review” again over at Apple, so hopefully the wait won’t be too long!

27 thoughts on “An overview of Simplenote Premium

  1. As one who uses SimpleNote on an hourly basis, I look forward to the opportunity to offer further support. Thank you for remembering the customer, keeping the prices reasonable, and continuing to work on the product.Very much appreciative,CJH

  2. Sounds awesome, and the mentioned 10 USD are a reasonable price. It’s a great way to support the further development of your simplenote-app 🙂

  3. This idea is not a good one. We’ve already paid for the app, so how about giving us regular users these perceived benefits so that we’ll be happy and tell others about it; that’s how you’ll sell more apps (ie. Tweetie). These things don’t even address the main issues that currently exist, such as the poor web interface.

  4. @Annon, You mention Tweetie as an example, but they charged money for their recent large update. Also, they don’t need to run their own servers because they piggyback on Twitter. The fact is we need to make a living! Otherwise Simplenote won’t improve, and that’s bad for everyone.We realize that not everyone will find value with these features. I’m sorry you don’t like the new web app design. We’d love to hear your more detailed feedback at

  5. I think this is a fine idea. I’m not a heavy enough user so I’m plenty happy with the value I have already gotten. No one is forcing the upgrade so nothing to lose sleep over.Thanks!

  6. $10 p.a. That’s a little under three cents a day. For that I get automatic backup, intelligent merging, personal RSS, a private email account, premium support and some other sassy stuff I may or may not choose to use. Three cents a day huh?Ummm…where do I sign guys?

  7. Same as Roy, above. I’m not a heavy user but I love it’s usefulness and at such a price, with the added features, it’d be dumb not to do it! 😀 Now, that’s what I call a nice way to introduce a price where none existed. Great job guys. 🙂

  8. $10 a year? That’s it? I was worried that the minimalist design philosophy and implementation would demand a maximalist annual fee but this is ridiculously fair and doesn’t add too much cruft to the service. Count me in.

  9. Completely agree with previous commenters:It is very cheap for such a great service.Look forward to signing up for the premium service and supporting committed developers.Also looking forward for the integration with the legendary Notational Velocity desktop app (OS X).

  10. I certainly don’t mind 10 bucks a year. But what would appeal to me is the notational velocity syncing. I’d pay 20 for that. So where does that feature fit in to all this?

  11. Thanks for your support everyone!@Gary, The integration with Notational Velocity will be separate from all this. It’s uncertain exactly when this integration will be complete.

  12. $10 a year is nothing. If it were $10 a month I would be dubious but that’s not the case. I think the personal email feature is well worth the price-tag alone.I’ve only been using Simplenote for just over a day but it has already become one of my ‘page 1’ apps. Excellent little app.Also, judging by the comments left on this page, it’s nice to know that Simplenote’s userbase are both supportive and not a bunch of idiots 😉

  13. Just paid for the Premium version, and yet in the options it says: "Back Up not available" … am I missing something ???

  14. @Alejandro, backups are currently made once every night, so they won’t start showing up until tomorrow!

  15. Just updated to the new version and all seems to work perfect. Great to have custom sort mode! Also the multiple line preview is something I found myself turn on and appreciate.The only thing I suggest that needs tweeking is that when I open a note way down in my list, make changes and hit done I am at the top of the note list instead of the note I just edited – this is an issue now that sort by creation date is possible. Keep the good work up!iPhone 3G, 3.0

  16. Just upgraded, been using app for ages and still nothing price-relative compares to it’s speed and simplicity. Upgrading for the email (from work, as they blocked web submissions) and rss (view via igoogle) and very happy tingly feeling to support devs who listen to feedback and improved software!

  17. $10/year is an eminently fair price for for being able to use a desktop app you enjoy rather than a webapp and never having to worry about whether a note will be in the right place—the rest is just a bonus. But as a MobileMe member, I am already paying Apple for access to sync servers, and I assumed developers could piggyback off them for free. So I am curious why supporting MobileMe sync isn’t a good solution to part of the problem.

  18. @daiyami: Thanks for your comments. MobileMe isn’t a very open system so we can’t sync with it. Also, a lot of iPhone and iPod touch users don’t have MobileMe. This is why we created our own system.

  19. Thanks for your reply. I have other apps that sync via MobileMe but there are very few. I will continue to send Apple feedback that they should make it easy for developers to support it. Too bad there is no good central syncing solution, rather than everyone building their own.

  20. I’m confused about the 1st part that says:Automatic Backup….. Simplenote Premium will regularly backup all your notes….. your notes are accessible in the web app if you ever need them.Isn’t that already the case with SimpleNote as is? Please clarify. Sorry for dumb question.Also, when you (Mike) say:"Integration with Notational Velocity will be separate from all this. It’s uncertain exactly when this integration will be complete."So, what you’re saying it will be either a free update or another in-app purchase, right? And is NV syncing inevitable or is it still up in the air? I would REALLY love NV syncing 🙂

  21. @Randy: Ah, the automatic backup description is not worded particularly well! This feature stores numerous old versions of your notes, a bit like Time Machine for Macs. You can access these old versions at any time.Regarding Notational Velocity, they’re a 3rd-party developer, so it will be up to them to decide whether to release it for free or to charge money for it. I can tell you that their main developer is working on it though! We’re looking forward to NV syncing too.

  22. Well I highly recommend you reword it than. Thanx for response.So you’re saying it’s all ready on your side and it’s gonna happen via an update of NV’s app?

  23. Oh, that begs another question…. How will tags fit in with SImpleNote/NV syncing? Will SimpleNote be integrating tags eventually?

  24. @randy: Yes, our API can be used for syncing so it’s all ready on our side. As for tags, this is a feature we’re considering adding in a future version but we don’t have a timeline for this yet.

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