Note duplication experienced by some users

Some users who have been active in the past 12 hours have experienced duplicate notes appearing in their accounts due to a problem we introduced in a backend update. We’ve addressed this problem and it’s now safe to sync again.

For the majority of people who encountered this problem, you shouldn’t see very many duplicate notes, and you’ll be able to remove them manually without much effort. However, if you experienced a large number of duplicate notes, please contact us and we’ll help you automate their removal.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.

4 thoughts on “Note duplication experienced by some users

  1. I faced the issue. couple of notes were getting duplicated infinitely. I had a tough time removing the duplicates manually. Finally I used the NV to delete them and exported everything to textfiles in a directory. Then I completely emptied the simplenote. Then imported all the notes from text files to NV and synced it with simplenotes. Hope it stays strong.

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