Simplenote for iPad

We’re really excited about the upcoming release of iPad, and we definitely plan to support it. Having said that, Simplenote for iPad won’t be available immediately. We’re going to spend some time working with the hardware first to make sure everything flows as expected.

After we do some more testing in the coming weeks, we’ll submit a basic, working version that should hopefully become available within a month or so. This version won’t have much extra in the way of features just yet, but with time it will evolve based on your feedback, just like we did with Simplenote for iPhone.

We know that a lot of you plan to buy an iPad, and we appreciate your patience while we anxiously await our own devices. In the meantime, the iPhone version can be run on your iPad if you’d like, and our web app in landscape mode fits quite nicely on the screen inside Mobile Safari as well.

To those of you receiving your iPad soon: have fun!

31 thoughts on “Simplenote for iPad

  1. Thanks for the heads up, been wondering about the state of development. It is worth the wait so long as it’s coming. Keep up the great work.

  2. Fantastic news, and a big thank you. Simplenote is a game changing app, especially with the sync, and it’s going to make the iPad even better.Thanks again.

  3. That’s great news guys.An iPad without simplenote is an iPad not worth having!Code like the wind! :-)Love your product.– Eugene

  4. I hope you’ll consider just making the current app a universal one. Managing different versions of an app has already proven to be difficult.

  5. Is their anything you guys need to get this port done quicker? Coffee, back rubs, pizza sent in? I love my iPad – but it is DESPERATE for Simple Note!!!!!!

  6. Simplenote hooked me a long time ago and it’s only gotten better as apps integrated. My iPad is going to be my go-to device so I’m really looking forward to this. +1 for a universal app.

  7. Waiting for that iPad version by the door… I refuse to move until it is out! 😀

  8. When I pull it up in Safari on iPad, I cannot create a document to edit. I can edit from a pre-existig document just fine. Am I doing something wrong?

  9. Can’t wait for the universal app to come out. Really miss SimpleNote on my iPad. If I can beta test for you let me know. Thanks

  10. Yay!! I’ve tried almost all and not one of the many note taking apps can compare to Simplenote. I looked for literally years to find a simple, menubar, syncing application. Thank YOU Simplenote!! I’m a writer who’s ideas don’t come between 9 & 5. I’ve been able to replace random napkins and other bits of paper with Simplenote! It’s always there for me on my Mac, my iPhone and soon (hurry, hurry please) on my iPad. YAY!!!

  11. The release is indeed a universal binary! We’re in the process of testing it now.@scott Unfortunately there are some problems with using the web app on iPad, but the native app will be coming soon.

  12. Glad that you all are doing an iPad version. Excited to have some dead quick and simple note taking. Thanks for a great product, you guys deserve it.

  13. Can’t wait for the iPad release. The browser doesn’t cut it and using the iphone version on the larger screen isn’t much better.

  14. Would be great if iPad version has split screen like Notational Velocity and the Simplenote web interface. Looking forward to seeing it.

  15. I agree that (iPhone view x2 == belch) = trueBut why?Am I really such a hopeless koolaid-drinking Steve Jobs-worshipping effete geek that I am so offended by blocky pixels and by a mismatch between the form factor of the screen and of the program within it?

  16. I love Simplenote and I am anxiously anticipating Simplenote for the iPad. Keep up the great work.

  17. Any update on the status? Is it submitted yet? I totally see myself doing raw text entry on iPad just using SimpleNote and then doing other things with the text back on the Mac.Please keep us nerds updated.

  18. Excellent news. I’ve been looking for a good notes app that has integrated TextExpander, and so far you’re the only one I’ve found who has confirmed development for the iPad. I love Simplenote for the iPhone, and look forward to using it on my iPad!

  19. I’m glad to hear Simplenote will be coming soon for the iPad I use it every day on my iPod Touch and, having recently received an iPad, it’s the one app I’m really missing. I did try Synotes to see if it would bridge the gap – it didn’t. It lost an assignment I had just completed and crashes every time I try and sync. Simplenote has always been super reliable and I look forward to the iPad update.

  20. Glad to hear of its submission. I’d basically stopped using SimpleNote due to the iPad gap!

  21. Just downloaded the new iPad version. Wonderful work – It’s so good to have my Simple Note back in true form.Thank you for the quick work – Can’t wait to see what else you have in store!

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