14 thoughts on “Simplenote for iPad now available!

  1. Glad you caught this so quickly. I use # symbols extensively in my hundreds of notes and found the new version insta-crashed both my iPad and iPhone. Hope the fix comes soon! Thank you.

  2. How about passcode protecting the iPad version of the app like Dropbox does. And without making it a "premium" feature. Just a common sense feature….

  3. Awesome, it seems a great app, unfortunately it’s claiming not to have network connectivity on my iPad, even though I’m online. Does it use a non-standard port to communicate with the server? (ie, not 80 or 443) If so that would unfortunately make it incompatible with a lot of corporate firewalls (including mine).

  4. Actually turns out my date/time was wrong, probably giving it an https certificate error internally.

  5. I created the premium account with the wrong email. I mistakenly opened account with an email address that does not exist. I mistakenly combined the prefix of my gmail account with my work domain name. Admittedly, it was a stupid mistake. I made a support request 20 hours ago and have not heard back at all. Does anyone have a telephone support number for this outfit?

  6. I just got the keyboard dock for iPad, and the Simplenote app doesn’t seem to register that it’s there–I’m forced to use the on-screen keyboard. Not sure if this is an app thing or an iPad thing…anyone else experience this?

  7. @Reed: We’re considering this, thanks!@miket: If your support request hasn’t been answered yet, please send an email to info@cloud-factory.com.@Andrea: Other people have this working, but we’re going to do some additional testing of the dock soon.

  8. Simplenote will no longer login to my account. I’ve put in my correct e-mail address and password, but neither Simplenote nor JustNotes will connect. Does anyone know what the problem is?

  9. Expats living in China should note that simplenote will not be able to connect to the network, hence preventing synching of your notes with Notational Velocity.Reason: appspot.com (the back engine used for synching) is not accessible from inside China.It sucks, but I don’t blame simplenote. It’s just another wacky day in China.:(A.

  10. ResophNotes (for Windows) latest version (combined with the SSL utility that needs to be unpacked in the same folder) now synchs with Simplenote just fine behind the Great Firewall of China. Only Simplenote (on the iPhone) and Notational Velocity have problems synching without using a VPN to punch through the firewall. Somehow ResophNotes has figured out a way to get around this issue. I read from somewhere that not all appengine servers are blocked, so this could be behind it. You guys might want to talk to the creator of ResophNotes.

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