Maintenance update approved

Apple has recently approved a maintenance update for Simplenote that fixes several problems:

  • fixed auto-opened note not syncing on iPhone and iPod touch
  • fixed iPad not scrolling properly with physical keyboards
  • fixed incorrect list selection after editing a note from search results
  • fixed crash when tapping trash button with no notes
  • fixed corrupted ad display in landscape mode (iPhone)
  • updated to TextExpander 1.1.4
  • tidied up the startup images

Thanks to everyone who took the time to describe these problems to us. We appreciate it!

We’ve been very hard at work on some new stuff for Simplenote. We look forward to sharing more details in the coming weeks.

3 thoughts on “Maintenance update approved

  1. @Rich: We’re considering this. Thanks for letting us know you’re interested.@Aaron: Cheers!

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