6 thoughts on “We’ll be back soon…

  1. The clarification is very welcome, but the explanation you put on my blog post was better still. "Unexpected complication" is the kind of phrase that makes customers nervous.If you said something like "we/Apple screwed up on release date configuration and removal was the only way to reset" then customers think "ok, not great, but stuff happens".When you say "unexpected complications" customers think "Simplenote's update caused Apple's servers to go supernova".Trust me on this one. Your customers are nervous sorts.

  2. Our temporary absence from the App Store is merely the result of an unexpected limitation with the newly added ability to schedule release dates for updates.

    Am I supposed to know what you mean with this phrasing? A few more information would be most welcome, maybe in addition to a minimum of transparency regarding the company/persons behind Simplenote. As a beginning, you should remove the 'San Francisco-based' since you are obviously not based in San Francisco.

  3. I'd have liked something on the first page along the lines of "We have not been removed from the app store forever because our program was too good, rather we're fixing some issues ourselves, so don't worry that you missed out on an awesome app that's the solution to 90% of the problems you're having right now."Or just a link to this news item. like "For details: blah.com

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