A major new version is coming!

We’re proud to announce that a major new version of Simplenote is just around the corner. It should be available in a matter of days. In the meantime, we’re temporarily absent from the App Store. We apologize for that. We encountered some unfortunate problems with a new App Store release process.

But the update is coming, and soon! We’re not revealing all the details until it’s live, but we’d like to at least prepare you for what to expect.

Simplenote has been growing fast. Over the months, we’ve received all kinds of great feedback. We processed this feedback, pondered it, prioritized it, and came up with 3 areas of focus for this version: reliability, organization, and sharing.

Importantly, we’ve also put a lot of effort into preserving or improving Simplenote’s speed and elegance. Our number one piece of feedback is consistently this: please keep it fast and simple. So we did.

For those of you who use 3rd-party Simplenote clients, you’ll need to wait a little while before new features start showing up there. 3rd-party developers will need some time to work with the new version.

We’ll let you know when the update is available, and we look forward to sharing all the details!

59 thoughts on “A major new version is coming!

  1. hi there,I found a little but anoying bug in the newest Ipad version.What I did: create a tag, I used development. Then I removed the tagand made a ne one Development (kapital D). On saving the tag theSimplenote app crashed. The crash was easy to reproduce.I still love your work :-)greetingsHanz Geeratzby the way, your support email adres is not working.

  2. Just upgraded the new v3.0.2 today. Love the new icon & lots of new feature, especially the version history. Cool app!

  3. Having now had the opportunity to sample the Big New Version in iPad form, I must say that it rocks, and that I now must distance myself from my previous comments expressing doubts about the utility of tags, among other things. It may take some getting used to, but this Big New Version is the elegant, fast organizational tool I've been longing for. Thanks for the great work!

  4. I like the update, but if they had just implemented Dropbox sync, two of the major new features (revisions, sharing) would be built-in, along with the fact that changes made to notes would then be automatically synced to your desktop computer as text files…

  5. The web app seems to have some performance issues — you must know about this already. But if you go to the search window and type a word, the characters display one at a time, with 2-3-4 second gaps between each letter appearing …Haven't tried new iPhone app yet, will now! congrats!

  6. Also, any way to select multiple notes at once on the web version and assign tags to them? That doesn't seem possible yet …

  7. Likes:- Tags: folder would work too, but tags do the job just fine.- History: love this Time Machine like feature.Dislikes:- New icon: what is this, Pepsi? At the very least, overlay the logo against notepad.- Tag sorting order: tags are sorted by the order they are created. Although I can manually resort, I wish it would sort alphabetically by default.- Long Internet update. Is it syncing? Is it pulling ads? I can't tell but it sure is taking long time.Wishes:- Sync to Dropbox..- iAd instead of Fusion ads.- Cheaper "Remove Ads" upgrade price.- Move "Settings" to somewhere else. Upper left hand corner is an odd place for it.- Customize "Detect Links". I only want website link detections. Not the phone number and address (which are often wrong).

  8. @Danny.I second that. I notice that if I'm typing on a desktop client notes will sometimes vanish (while I'm typing!) I thought this was a problem originally with nvAlt but have seen this on JustNotes as well.Very frustrating

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