Translations and more fixes

Simplenote for iOS version 3.0.6 has been released. It has full translations into French, German, Spanish, and Dutch. Many thanks to those who helped:

This update also has the following important changes:

  • fixed text and notes sometimes getting duplicated
  • fixed bug where edits could be lost if you create a new note quickly after making changes (iPad)
  • fixed tags not being removed properly after a sync
  • fixed a problem with pin syncing
  • fixed note list flickering after a sync (iPad)
  • fixed tags not visually updating on the selected note after a sync 
  • updated to latest version of TextExpander
  • improved Default.png (iPhone)

Meanwhile, we’ve been updating the Simplenote web app on a regular basis with fixes and small improvements. For example, you can now change your account address from the settings page if you need to. And a warning will be displayed if you try to navigate away from the web app before your note’s contents have been saved.

Lastly, Simplenote 3.1 is under development for early 2011. We’ll announce more details closer to release.

5 thoughts on “Translations and more fixes

  1. There seems to be a new bug in the web app preventing you from being able to read notes in the trash? I'm seeing it on Mac/Chrome at least.

  2. Much, much better. No loss of tags so far (they were lost quite often in the earlier version). No duplicated notes (well, once) and no loss of text so far. The only minor bug I noticed is that a pinned note does not appear on top in the web app immediately (I usually refresh the page and then it comes on top). Rezally good.

  3. Thanks for the hard work. I've heard a while ago that bullets were in the works, any hope of seeing that in 3.1?

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