Incoming web app fixes

Some of you may have noticed there’s a new little status indicator in the Simplenote web app. This is the first of a few important fixes we’re working on. These will be released over the coming weeks. We’re also aware of some potential issues with Internet Explorer 8. We’ll take a look at those as well.

Thanks for your patience while we make these improvements.

5 thoughts on “Incoming web app fixes

  1. Whenever we use the web interface via I will constantly end up with multiple copies of the same document.- Get weird errors like a paragraph being misplaced in another part of the same documentYes, I know you will tell me that we can use the multitude of 3rd party apps available from the downloads section. The thing is, none of them support tags. And they are not as usable as the iPad version.Why don't you please port the iPad version to OS X? It would truly make my life easier.

  2. I am also getting duplicates when I enter notes. This is very disconcerting as I've only just started using SimpleNote. While I like all the functionality and simplicity of it, the duplicate notes make me fearful that other hidden bugs lie in wait. I would hate to convert fully and then lose my notes, this is why I'm converting in the first place since I lost my notes after my phone crashed.Bea, I downloaded the app "JustNotes" from the downloads section for MacOS X and it does support tags.

  3. I find JustNotes very buggy and it has messed up my tags/notes. Best on the Mac is DashNotes although it doesn't support tags & offline mode. Best on Windows is ResophNotes (pretty flawless and I wish there was a Mac version of it). The web Simplenoteapp is just too slow with lots of notes.

  4. Uh, there is a version of ResophNotes for the Mac: it's called Notational Velocity, which is the app on which all its features are based, and is significantly more mature than any of the others.

  5. I didn't think National Velocity supported tags? …and the download hasn't been updated since February.

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