Important update released for iOS

Thanks everyone for your patience while we roll out some important fixes. The latest update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is 3.0.5. It has a variety of fixes for unfortunate problems that some people were experiencing.

The complete list of changes is:

  • fixed bug that could cause syncing to stop working
  • fixed bug that forced you to sign out under some circumstances
  • fixed bug that could cause recently entered text to duplicate
  • fixed tag reordering
  • fixed an instance where tags could disappear
  • fixed searching on iPad (portrait)
  • assorted reliability fixes

Now that we’ve brought Simplenote’s sync reliability up to a more acceptable level, we’re working on a few remaining problems: a text duplication bug that can happen when locking your device, some remaining problems with synchronizing tags, and some problems with note sharing.

We’ve also released our new API to select developers, so you’ll start seeing more support for features like tag syncing in the coming weeks.

23 thoughts on “Important update released for iOS

  1. Thank you, Simplenote! I use your great app several times every single day and couldn't do without it. It works great (now) on my venerable 1st Generation iPod Touch and syncs with my iMac which is also getting to the Venerable stage.

  2. I just left a thoughtful, positive review of Simple Note on iTunes (Kapaa) in expression of my complete appreciation and love of your app. I've been using it daily for the last several months and finally upgraded to Premium for reasons (see iTunes) which I think you will appreciate. Thank you for such a well designed app. taoishdesign dot com

  3. Any updates on simplenote for android? I'm really looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us!

  4. When will you enable sync of tags with NV? Tags work elegantly on the iPad, but when I sync with NV all the tag info is lost.Having said that, I must also congratulate you on a great application. But I have one more request: can you have the writing area center itself like it does in Plain Text? The feature makes writing such a pleasure.

  5. HOLY —-!!!!! Turned out the syncing problems were because I had MANUALLY switched off Web Syncing in Settings! It was because I was up in Canada and wanted to avoid roaming fees. Simplenote is working again perfectly!!!So that's the first step in troubleshooting — make sure sync is actually ENABLED!!!

  6. Thanks everyone for your patience and support.Regarding Android, there are a few versions available from 3rd-parties. As for NV tag syncing, our new API is now available so hopefully we'll see that soon. Lastly, sharing/collaboration via the web is on the way.

  7. Weird. I don't know WHAT Alejandro is talking about. I've had none of these problems with SimpleNote. There are always a few things, room for improvement and bugs to iron out, as with any development, by in large and 99% of the time SimpleNote delivers. I have no regrets about being a paid subscriber and will continue to be so.

  8. Same here, I'm not experiencing any problems with SimpleNote recently. I've finally moved from Evernote.ResophNotes v1.1.5 is syncing flawlessly on Windows (@work), I'm still looking for an equivalent flawless solution on the Mac (@home) – JustNotes still has lots of problems. I find the Web app too slow for the number of notes I have. Tag support is mandatory for me. The iPhone and iPad apps work great.

  9. Hi I'm a new user of simplenote – the free version – and it looks promising. The iphone app is on a 3GS running iOS4. One strange thing I've noticed is the following. I entered a few lines of text on the browser app (browser is Firefox) – this synced almost immediately with the iphone app – so far so good. I noticed on the web app I had a few spelling mistakes so went into the PC browser and corrected them, but a second later they revert to the misspelt version. I assume the iphone (where the word is still misspelt) is overriding the chnages make on the PC.Anyone know what's going on?

  10. I've experienced all of what Alejandro reports. For a while the ipad/iphone just didn't sync right and would refuse to save notes sometimes, and there are still some minor issues. Because when the new version came out I stripped out all my old tags and moved to the new tags system, none of the clients work with tags anymore, forcing a move to the simplenote web app.But the new web interface has lost notes on a couple of occasions, including one time last week when it lost 30 minutes of work across two notes. Some way to say "SAVE" so you can be sure it saves would be good, at the moment I'm just scared to close the tab.Its definitely improving, and I'm sticking with it because when I joined it was, for me, a literally perfect service, and I've come to rely on it.But I don't evangelize the service like before. Hopefully I can again soon.

  11. A very good application, simple and works perfectly for me as for syncing. I would only appreciate a few additional features : – on web : basic formatting (bolds, italics, colors)- on iPhone : the search currently does not take into account the tags – would be good to be able to tape tag name & have all notes tagged with that tag sorted- on both : number of notes, total and per tag, would be nice. – printing button on web Otherwise Simplenote is just what I was looking for.

  12. I guess I am wondering why various people are having problems with sync and yet I've had none whatsoever. What's the difference here? Bob ll is pissed off to the point of personal attack and a few others seem pretty upset. Devs is there any explanation(s) that you can provide that would address the situation head-on, give a sense that it won't continue to happen for some folks, or are you doing this on a case by case basis with individuals. Is it basically that people are manually turning off web sync and then blaming the service or is there a deeper issue happening that's affecting stability for some?Again, it just doesn't make sense to me…. I've had no obvious sync issues. Simplenote works like a charm and I'd hate to see you get plowed under by your competition due to not proactively tackling the sync issue head on.

  13. A small bug that i've noticed: Unpinning a note from the website does not sync to the iphone app. Pinning a note from the webapp syncs and pinning and unpinning from the iPhone app works. (iPhone 3GS IOS 4.1 (not jailbroken), latest Simplenote app, and the stable build Google Chrome.)Besides that, it's been all good so far.Thanks and keep up the good work.

  14. hi,i'm new to simplenote on iphone, but i love the easy and clean interface.The main reason i use simplenote is, the search within all notes.Unfortunately it seems that there is bug with it, since the search function does notjump to the right position of the words. Could it be related to the filesize ?I'm using rather big notes up to 20000 words.Does anyone have the same problem with the search function ?

  15. I am sorry to report after a week or so of using Simplenote that some notes were saved partially or without tags; also the time iPhone app takes to download new notes is quite long; and some crashes of the iPhone app.

  16. There is a known issue with the web app where it can become disconnected from our servers. We're in the process of fixing this and adding a status indicator so you can be sure that your work has been saved. We'll write a new post when this is ready.

  17. I use the SimpleNote App on my Ipad, the web version on Google Chrome (Windows) and also the web version on my Motorola Android.The problem I have, which has been occurring and recurring since I started using the application happened again this morning.I only have one note in Simplenote. I updated it via my web browser (PC/Chrome) this morning over the course of a few hours. Then I put my laptop to sleep and left the house. I logged onto simplenote via my mobile phone's web browser while I was on the road. I saw that none of my days prior edits were shown on the browser simplenote, rather an older version.When I came home I restarted my browser from its sleep state and saw the correct version of my notes. I hit refresh and the old version appeared, apparently having been saved by my phone.As far as I can tell my PC Chrome-browser version is not auto-saving to the server?

  18. @Tom: There are some intermittent problems with the web app that we're working on now. We'll write a post about it.

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