Recent login and sync problems

We’d like to apologize for some recent, intermittent problems when signing into Simplenote and syncing your data. The root cause is a problem at our hosting provider that is beyond our control. Thankfully, a large number of very smart people are working to solve that problem urgently.

An unintended side-effect is that, when one of these intermittent problems occurs, some of you are occasionally forced to sign out of your Simplenote accounts. This is a problem with the current version of Simplenote that we’re working to fix. The only circumstance where you should ever be forced to sign out in this way is if you change your login information.

Please bear with us as we work through these problems, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

46 thoughts on “Recent login and sync problems

  1. Stick with it, Brian. The service is usually really solid and there're a ton of apps for almost every platform to sync with it.

  2. I'm just discovering Simplenote.Unfortunately i left my iPod touch at home and i can't wait to see it work there!It's a good alternative to the now defunct Google Notes!Hope this service doesn't end up in the netherland like so many other promising apps.

  3. I'm experiencing the sign-in problem right now (Sept 24 CET). The web login is also down (500 Server Error).

  4. Syncing has become very unreliable. I am now losing changes on a daily basis, mainly switching between the web app and the iPad app. It was so reliable before — what happened? I'm about ready to give up . . .

  5. @Curtis: There have been some intermittent problems at our hosting provider. They're working through them. We've also got an update with lots of fixes that is just about to be released.

  6. Can you please put Date/Time on the first screen on Simplenote. I'd like see the date/time of my note easily.

  7. Yikes, I can't get either the iPhone or iPad app to sync or even sign out right now. Just kinda stuck…

  8. Yep, my synchronization is just completely broken now. I'm a paying subscriber, and my notes just do not sync between my iPhone/iPad/Mac anymore. Its not intermittent; my notes literally never sync now. Ever.Such a disappointment.I used to love this app, but I just went and pulled my 5-star review from the App Store. They can blame it on the hosting service all they want, but that means exactly nothing to their customers. The app either works or it doesn't, and right now this app is a failure.It really sucks, because I used to love this app.

  9. I'm also having sync trouble since the latest update – when I open Simplenote on iPhone4, there's network activity that never ends and the note doesn't show up on my laptop. If I kill Simplenote on the iPhone task switcher and reopen it, syncing works. Would be great to see a fix because I love the app but it's very annoying to double check the syncing every time.

  10. I'm just discovered and am loving Simplenote and wrote a review of it today one piece of the system that doesn't seem to be working consistently is tags. If I add tags to the web they don't seem to be consistently coming down to the client apps.Are some client applications, like Notational Velocity in need of an upgrade to better use your tag API or is this a Simplenote issue?This is true for the iPhone app as well. Tags just aren't working correctly.My thought was when I add a new tag anywhere in the Simplenote system it should show up everywhere else. This just isn't happening consistently.Thanks for looking into this.

  11. My notes have stopped syncing as well. The spinning status bar in the iPhone app spins continuously while the app is open (I worry about the effects on battery life), but nothing happens. I haven't tried logging out and back in, as this takes a significant amount of time with my large amount of notes. Any fix for this?

  12. I'm new to Simplenote and do like it very much. I use the desktop version with my iPod Touch.However, in the last few days I also have been having the same troubles as listed above.Sometimes the note just never shows up, or only *part* of it arrives. And the lack of syncing happens in both directions. Yesterday my login on the Touch was dropped several times, though this hasn't happened today.I'm just adding these comments in the hopes they will be helpful to whomever of the staff is reading the comments. This seems to be the only way to communicate with the company, correct?

  13. Wow, I've only been using Notational Velocity since July 17, and it has beocme my "go to" text program, so excited about sync on mac and ipod touch and internent with simplenote.Then I noticed today that it is not really syncing. Some files are on Simplenote and not on NV, vice versa. As others said, either be transparent and let us know if this fix might take a day or a week or a month, and we can be patient… Or else I guess it's back to the APP store, and using TextEdit…I really most feel that files/notes will get lost.thanks for any update and information.

  14. Syncing between a desktop computer and an iphone fails here too. I change a note in the webbrowser on my desktop computer and have to wait minutes to got it synced to the iphone. If I close the browser window sooner my new note is lost. The previous web app version was lightning fast and had a little process circle that showed the actuall syncing. I would love to see that coming back.

  15. Musk: Thanks for the note on Notational Velocity. I do like using it and enjoy a clean text editor on the Mac. Wish Garrett Murray would resurrect xPad, it would be perfect for working with multiple notes and would mimic the feel of the web based Simplenote better than NV. seems to be working fine for me; I'm not losing anything between the iPhone app, the web, and Notational Velocity. I have a movie list stored that's huge and it updates perfectly (so far).For what it's worth, I'm going to stick with Simplenote for a while through whatever bumps they have as they scale up and get the wrinkles worked out. This is the kind of product and company that I like to support.

  16. Syncing has become completely unreliable, and tags don't sync between iPad and iPhone at all. This is totally inexcusable. Maybe other people are willing to hang in there and lose their data, but I am not one of them. There are many Dropbox based text editors on the market now that provide very similar functionality, and you can use Notional Velocity to point to a folder of text files on the desktop. I'm really disappointed. Simplenote used to be a great app, but ever since the update that added new features like tags and the ugly new icon, it has been a mess. Note to the developers – if you're going to add in features like tags, make sure they work first! It's really annoying to spend a lot of time tagging notes only to see that it was a waste because the tags don't sync across platforms. If the feature doesn't work, don't release it! Personally, I think tags are not really needed – this is supposed to be a basic notepad, not Evernote. Finally, your price for premium is absolutely ludicrous considering how glitchy the service has become. It doesn't make any sense – take a service that was working fine at a somewhAt expensive price, make it worse to the point where people are losing their data, and then raise the price. Right. I was considering upgrading to Premium before, but now I'm probably going to discontinue use of the service entirely. These bugs have been confidence shattering.

  17. Sterling, Simplenote tweeted there's an issue with their iOS apps right now and they're trying to fix it. It's not Simplenote-wide as I'm having no issues with very active Palm webOS and Notational Velocity syncing. I did have some intermittent connection timeouts a few weeks ago when they posted about the hosting issues but it's back to business as usual for me these days. Hopefully they'll get the iOS issue sorted out soon.

  18. JustNotes (Mac) is working pretty reliably. I like it better than Notational Velocity and it supports the new features. On Windows, ResophNotes is doing pretty well too.

  19. Today Simplenote is behaving better, a least for me. Certainly I'm not ready to *give up* on it; there's too much potential here and I think it's not unusual to have a few problems with a program update. Speaking of update, I wish THEY would write another little something to let us know the progress!

  20. I used to love and recommend to everyone (and I mean, EVERYONE) simplenote.I still do… but not as often.The reason are more and more features coming in … that clutter the interface (I'm looking at you tags) and don't even sync.The curious thing is. It used to perform admirably. Notational Velocity + SimpleNote is like a dream come true. Please, ponder several times before allowing more features coming in at the expense of ease of use and natural integration.Thank you Team.

  21. It's not really fair to blame SimpleNote for Notational Velocity not updating their software. Other software clients that sync with SimpleNote support and use the new features. People should be giving that feedback to the makers of Notational Velocity. If Twitter clients don't revise and stay in step with updates to Twitter, is that Twitter's fault? No, some programs only support a subset of Twitter's feature set. And likewise with SimpleNote.I'm not arguing against simplicity, but once you get more than a hundred notes or so, tagging not a bad idea. Search still works for those who want to try to remember specific words in a note.

  22. How Come the advertising aqd on the left menu blocks the tags drop down? I cannot read my tags mennu because of the banner ("fudin" ads). Also, Why Can I not see the full note on my IE broswer? It is all caught in a small area which I have to scroll down to see my notes and it is only the height of less than one character, making my notes unreadable. ?

  23. @Rick – my issues were not with syncing between Simplenote and NV. I realize it will take time for NV to catch up, and I don't hold Simplenote responsible for that. My issue is synchorization between iPhone and iPad – two apps that Simplenote does control. Tag syncing is a complete fail, and overall, syncing has become really flaky with a lot of weird behavior. The point is this app worked great before, and we all loved it because it was simple. Now adding all these new features has made it unreliable, and that's a shame. I've switched to Hog Bay Software's Plain Text which is nice and clean, and supports subfolders on Dropbox.

  24. @Alejandro OK, point well taken. I got thrown off because you put Notational Velocity into the mix while other apps like JustNotes supports the added features. However, the SimpleNote iPhone and iPad apps do have some support for tagging. (Go back to the main screen and click Edit Tags.) But they should make it so one can tag on-the-fly.. The SimpleNote apps also support versioning, pinning, and recover from trash.I agree, however, that syncing should always work. Let's hope the problems with their hosting provider get fixed ASAP.I like PlainText but it is really light on features at the moment. But it syncs and you have regained some control – not a bad thing.

  25. Tried SimpleNote web and Notes 2.0 beta PC client today. Can't get them to connect. I keep getting 500 and 401 errors.

  26. Rick, you keep repeating that JustNotes "supports the added features". Where on earth are you getting this from? JustNotes hasn't been updated in close to a year. It doesn't support tags, shared notes, or anything at all new that's been added. So it's quite a pile of misinformation you're slinging there, especially when it results in the effective slandering of others' work.

  27. Me too. It seems flawless now, as it always has been and should be. Syncs lightning fast between my iPhone and the web app. Great work, hope it remains this was for a long time – thanks.

  28. You're right, I was wrong – Sorry about that. The currently released version of JustNotes doesn't support the new features. I thought the author had released that update publicly but he hasn't. I haven't "slandered" any other products. I've only stated that none of the other third-party SimpleNote clients have been updated to support the new features. If someone is aware of one that has been updated, please share it.

  29. Syncing has kept working just fine in the last two weeks, but I premium user perhaps that makes a difference. I keep checking the comments on this 'blog' to get updates, I would like to see a user forum for suggestions and user feedback.

  30. Still having flaky sync issues here. Exchanged some emails with developers. They're working on it, but no fix yet.Would have lost ALL notes, but NV local cache and Undo feature saved the day.Disappointing, because I had come to depend on app and reliable syncing.I hate it when feature creep ruins functionality.

  31. Hi everyone, thanks for your patience as we work through these intermittent issues. We've submitted an iPhone/iPad update that is awaiting approval. In the meantime, if you experience any problems, please let us know at so we can help you.Regarding 3rd-party developers not updating their apps, we take full responsibility for this. It took us longer than expected to release a new API that enables them to support features like tags. It's available now, and you'll likely start seeing app updates soon.

  32. This is looking nice! Loaded up Resophnotes v1.1.3 (on Windows at work) with the new Tag support (can't live without them) and it's working great. I still need a client for my Mac but I'll be able to use the web client for now.I'm almost ready to dump Evernote. Keep up the the good work!

  33. Simplenote syncing is working great now, as far as I'm concerned. And thanks, Simplenote, for leaving an update note here in Comments. 🙂 I don't even look around any longer for different apps, as I've settled on Simplenote and TeuxDeux. These work well together with each having a slightly different function and each has the desktop app with which to sync.

  34. Very very disappointed… the iPhone app is pretty much broken for me (empty notes, no syncing, constant crashing, spotty search of notes, etc)This is running the latest version of the SimpleNote App on an iPhone 4 with the latest firmware after clean install.I am just waiting for the version that is under review at the App store and see that solves the problem.Didn't realize how much I came to depend on the SimpleNote App + Web Interface until it broke. It has been like this pretty much since the new 3.0 version came along with all the "amazing" features.And yes, I have been a premium subscriber since the very beginning and also recommend it on talks, workshops, and to friends.At least is doing something…. exercising the virtue of patience on myself.

  35. When I sort my notes alphabetically — which is how i like to keep them — nowadays I get dozens of blank lines at the top of the list. When I scroll several screens down, I get all my notes. Sometimes the blank lines become some of my notes, chosen randomly. This is really bad and you need to fix it! I agree with everyone that you guys used to have an app that was nearly perfect and then you decided to muck around with it and now it's unstable. I want to go back to version 1.

  36. "When I sort my notes alphabetically — which is how i like to keep them — nowadays I get dozens of blank lines at the top of the list. When I scroll several screens down, I get all my notes."I ran into this exactly this issue – totally agree, very problematic and super annoying.

  37. Ya I'm still having issues syncing. And now it wont let me change my settings including taking off ads which i paid for. Also didn't realize how much i depend on this app. Hope to see this up and running soon. Considering the usefulness of this app

  38. Sync has been working for me since last Friday 10/8. Support helped removed duplicated notes. Then I opened the iPhone and iPad apps and they synced up. Then I deleted the JustNotes (Mac) and ResophNote (PC) databases and let them sync from scratch. Been working fine ever since. Thanks to SimpleNote Support for their help.

  39. Hi, I'm still having problems reaching the web login (at app works fine, but web and resophnote can't find the server.I'm using chrome and firefox on a win xp machine at work, and it worked about a week ago.haven't tried accessing it on my mac at home in a while, but the widget I'm using has never had any the service!cheers!

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