Quick iOS fixes

Simplenote for iOS version 3.1.1 was released today with the following fixes:

  • fixed a problem where lists don’t sync correctly
  • fixed inability to disable ads for paid users
  • fixed a crash with iOS versions less than 4.0
  • fixed passcode lock starting locked for some people
  • first list item is now treated like a title (premium)
  • fixed problem where tags might not sync if you have more than 50 of them
  • fixed currently visible list hanging around after you sign out
  • fixed strange tag getting created if you tap Done while a tag cell is highlighted


10 thoughts on “Quick iOS fixes

  1. Longtime fan, first time commenter.  Thanks for Simplenote.  I'm using it more and more every day.  After lists weren't working for me, I removed and tried to reinstall the app.  I'm getting a message saying this update requires iOS 3.2 or above.  I'm running iOS 3.1 on my iPhone 3G. Is this message a bug, and I should be able to run this app on my phone, or is it a new requirement.  If it's the latter, should I try to install an older version of Simplenote from my desktop computer? I hope you can continue supporting iOS 3.1 through June of this year.  Those of us who with an iPhone 3G (I purchased mine in May 2009 — never buy an iPhone in May) really can't run iOS 4.x without a major loss of performance. Thanks!

  2. I see as of your most recent update, iOS 3.2 is required. I have a first generation iPhone, so I cannot run a version of iOS newer than 3.1.3. I also have an iPad running 4.2.x, so I have the latest version of Simplenote installed there, and because of that, the version of Simplenote I now have in iTunes is 3.1.1. Now when I sync my iPhone, I get a message saying Simplenote cannot be synced because the app is incompatible with my iPhone (Thankfully it leaves the currently installed version alone). I understand your need to focus on newer versions of iOS, but I now have the following concern: If I ever need to restore my iPhone, will the old version of Simplenote that still works be restored as well? If not, anyone know of a way I can back up the old version of Simplenote that's still on my phone? Thanks!

  3. Forgot to check the box "Notify me of follow-up comments via email". That's what this post is for 🙂

  4. Update: we've restored compatibility with iOS 3.1.3 in the next update, which is coming soon.

  5. "Update: we've restored compatibility with iOS 3.1.3 in the next update, which is coming soon."Thank you very much! This is great news for us users left out in the cold at the iOS doorstep. Simplenote has become the most used app for me!If the update for some reason doesn't happen for a time… is there a way to download the previous compatible version? hmmmm….

  6. @Simplenote: Your effort to support those of us running first generation iPhones is very much appreciated!@drek: You should be able to delete the incompatible version of the app in iTunes, connect your device, and get a message along the lines of "You have purchases on your device that are not present in iTunes. Transfer Purchases?". Say Yes, let it sync, and back up the .app file (right-click, show in finder/explorer).

  7. Thanks for that advice, would that I could!Unfortunately I only discovered that the update was incompatible AFTER I had reset that 1st gen iTouch… oops! lol!Not a huge problem, that one is for my sweetie and it's not mission critical. I just upgraded to a much, much newer 2nd gen iPod Touch! ROTFLMAO

  8. Hello again.Just FYI, I tried to install the latest version of SimpleNote (3.1.2) which I thought was supposed to again be backwards compatible to gen 1 iPods with max 3.1.3 iOS.The app would not install, claiming iOS 3.2 or greater needed. I tried vai iTunes transfer on my PC, as well as direct download via App Store on the iPod itself.

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