Ongoing minor improvements

We released versions 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 of Simplenote for iOS with the following fixes:

  • properly restored compatibility with iOS 3.1.3 
  • fixed crash when swiping the “Add an item” row (premium) 
  • fixed rare crash when updating lists 
  • fixed orientation lock no longer working 
  • fixed sharing icon not disappearing after unsharing a note 
  • fixed settings sometimes triggering the wrong settings when tapped 
  • improved user experience for publishing a note

Some people have also noticed ongoing improvements to the web app. For example, you’re now asked to re-authenticate if you leave the Simplenote web app open for a long period of time. Previously you could potentially lose changes when this happened.

Another web app improvement is that it remembers email addresses you’ve used as tags for sharing. These addresses will now autocomplete as you type them.

9 thoughts on “Ongoing minor improvements

  1. Works perfectly on my 3G running iOS 3.1.3. Thanks for listening to your users, feels good to have SimpleNote back on my phone!

  2. If you use sort by "name" instead of following 10, 11, 12, it goes 1, 11, 12,It will be very convinient to correct this issue to be able to keep same order as in computer

  3. I love Simplenote but can you PLEASE add bolding, underline and bullets as formatting options!!!

  4. Feature request: Configurable font and font coloring! I prefer using a monospace font (like Courier New) with grey10 background and grey90 foreground.

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