Performance, stability and reliability

We’ve been hard at work testing Simplenote 3.2, an update that is aimed at improving overall performance, stability and reliability. It has no new features. Instead, it’s intended to solidify the features that are already there, and it should be ready fairly soon.

Thanks to the many people who have contacted us with their kind words, suggestions, and bug reports. We’re excited to share this update with you.

9 thoughts on “Performance, stability and reliability

  1. I believe this update may be affecting the web access for Simplenote… on each browser on 4 different computers, when I pull up Simplenote, it doesn't show my notes. Sometimes it takes several minutes for them to pop up, but other times, they never show up. Please help!

  2. Looking forward :-)hope the bug with the searcvh function in very big textes has been settled as well. when it will, it will be a grade of 5 sdtars in itunes store.

  3. Have the update, and it works great with resophnotes on my computer. When I update something on resophnotes, it instantly syncs with simplenote. It's amazing. The issue is that there's a huge bug; When adding information on simplenote, it doesn't sync over!Please investigate this asap, because this completely impairs my use of the program.

  4. I am now getting regular problems with the web application, like being able to log in but nothing appearing on the screen. It becomes to the point when I am start thinking about another synchronize application because I really liked simplenote thus far. If it doesn't work then please roll back to a previous version when it worked – the simple synchronicity is more important in my opinion than any new features. Thank you. Peter

  5. SimpleNote (free),never failed me before…I use it exclusively via ResophNotes, on my PC: Win XP-SP3 32 bit .Since last week, ResophNotes is acting really strange,when adding or editing Notesin SimpleNote.Resoph "hangs", when trying to update/save changes in Simplenote.Hope that the SimpleNote & ResophNotes problems are being solved by your Team…It's such a wonderful love story, you know?SFdude

  6. Hey guys,I'm unable to use the simplenote app on my iPod touch 2nd gen.The device just freezes… Could you fix it?Love the app… too bad the upgrade doesn't work on my device..

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