Major performance update released

A few weeks ago, Simplenote 3.2 for iOS was released to the App Store. This was a huge update focused on performance and stability. If you’ve already updated, you should notice that your changes move between different versions of the app much more quickly now.

The latest version is also much better at handling lots of notes. As a growing number of users pass the 1000 note threshold, this new version will accommodate them easily.

If you’re having any trouble with the update, please contact us at and we’ll work hard to help you.

Here’s a complete list of changes: 

  • improved overall performance and stability 
  • improved startup speed 
  • improved support for lots of notes 
  • improved sync speed and reliability (iOS + web app) 
  • added support for syncing emoji characters 
  • show total number of notes next to All Notes in tag list 
  • fixed problem where tag list numbers might not be accurate 
  • tag editing can now be done from inside the main tag list 
  • added support for linking to Simplenote from other apps 
  • fixed crashes that could happen when notes update 
  • fixed text occasionally being hidden behind iPad keyboard 
  • fixed problem where ads could turn back on after renewing subscription 
  • fixed some inconsistencies with sorting notes 
  • increased size of Extra Large font option
  • improved search performance when you have lots of notes 
  • fixed problems with sharing via email address tags 
  • fixed note publishing 
  • fixed in-app premium upgrades 
  • fixed problems with tags that have symbols 
  • fixed problems with renaming tags 
  • fixed ads sometimes turning back on for paid users 
  • fixed empty tag creation when note is created from Instapaper 
  • fixed some passcode lock problems on iPad 
  • fixed tag autocomplete popover on iPad 
  • fixed new inline tags not syncing 
  • fixed login problems for certain complex passwords 
  • fixed searching so it searches for multiple terms separately 



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