Simplenote supercharged

Simplenote has a new home! Our company, Simperium, has been acquired by Automattic, makers of We think this’ll be great for everyone, especially you, our beloved fans.

You know how sometimes, the services you love just disappear when they’re bought by someone else? Or they wither and die a slow and painful death? Not the case here. We made sure of that.

The founder of Automattic, Matt Mullenweg, has been a long-time Simplenote fan. We first met him in 2010 before we joined Y Combinator, and we’ve kept in touch since. Fred and I will never forget the surprise Matt casually unleashed shortly after we decided to join forces. “Hey, by the way…we also bought from the people who were squatting it.” How’s that for a vote of confidence? We finally own!

In joining Automattic, we’re working with more resources and a growing, complementary team. Our plan is to supercharge Simplenote with a lot more attention in the months and years to come: native apps for more platforms, ongoing improvements, and more work on Simperium, our service for keeping your data in sync. Of course, Simplenote will stay simple. We know how important that is to you. It’s what kept it in the top apps of 2012, and it’s important to the team here as well.

Simplenote is in good hands. Our new family, now over 140 people strong and distributed around the world, lives and breathes all things internet. They get this stuff. We get this stuff. We build and use a wide variety of online tools every day to stay in sync with each other as a company.

If you get this stuff too, and you’d like to help make Simplenote more amazing from wherever you happen to be in the world (I’m writing this from a beach in the Cook Islands), work with us. We need more smart, friendly people who deeply appreciate simplicity and a mobile lifestyle.

Want more perspective on what all this means? Check out the Simperium blog. And if you have any questions or concerns, our fancy new WordPress-hosted site (which you’re presently reading) will happily accept them as comments below.

Mike (@mikejohnstn) and Fred (@fredrocious)

76 thoughts on “Simplenote supercharged

  1. Dear Person-in-charge.

    Alll of my friend’ Simplenote user facing Serious Bug now.
    Please fix bug and update immediately otherwise we are going to use other app(NoteSpark) soon.

    –> The device is updating data, device will have stop and hung.


  2. The world is anxiously awaiting an Android app! 🙂 Could you please provide a development status report?

    (Oh, and please make sure it has offline capability.)

  3. What’s up with Simplenote today? I go online and all my data is missing. My ResophNotes app can’t connect. Please advise!


  4. I’ve been using Simplenote since it came out and am a loyal premium subscriber. It seems to be the best there is to manage large numbers of text only notes. I RELY on Simplenote now in my work and personal environments!

    1. Best features:
    a. old versions of notes easily available
    b. Search HIGHLIGHTS text within notes (at least in the iOS version)
    c. PC web version seems to be working much better recently

    2. NECESSARY FEATURE TO BE AS USEFUL AS PALM PILOT WAS 15 YEARS AGO: Ability to search with an “AND” operator in order to limit search to phrases, not just every occurrence of a single word.
    * ResophNotes does this on the PC, but it is a third party app that I’m always afraid might corrupt my data on the Simplenote server. Nonetheless I LOVE Resophnotes for its better PC interface than Simplenote’s, and its easy backup, and its allowable “AND” search function. I wish Simplenote would acquire ResophNotes and thereby give us users the DEFINITIVE notes & memos app for iOS.

    Just sayin…..


  5. I am afraid that Simplenote will end up like tens of killed acquired services.

    Please guys, keep the service up.

    1. It appears that may be the case. There certainly has been no effort to promote or further develop the service. Android desperately needed an in-house app.

      Other cloud-based note/file services have gained and surpassed Simplenote. What was the point for acquisition?

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  7. One feature that I wish would be added is the ability to add photos with the notes about them. When I travel, I want to take notes regarding pictures that I’m taking. Maybe an app that allows this already exists, but this feature would greatly improve SimpleNote for me.

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