Simplenote relaunch

Earlier this year we announced some big changes were coming to Simplenote. Since then, we’ve been quietly working on new versions of the app together with server improvements that make it even faster and more reliable.

New versions

We’ve been beta testing new versions of Simplenote for Mac, Android, and iOS 7. They look a lot different: cleaner, simpler, and more lightweight. Our approach was to return to first principles and build anew.

A side effect is that some less frequently used features won’t be available, at least at first. Some people will cheer. Others, like those who adore sorting notes by reverse chronological creation date, may mourn. More details are coming soon.

Server improvements

Simplenote is now running on Automattic’s own servers with better tools to help identify and resolve problems. This lets our Systems team take care of Simplenote servers with the same resources available to sites on (like TechCrunch). Less downtime, better security.

Better syncing

Simplenote is powered by Simperium, a service for syncing data that we’ve been continuing to improve behind the scenes. Simplenote Mac and Simplenote iOS 7 take advantage of a major Simperium update to further improve the speed and reliability of your note syncing.

Meanwhile, a new Simperium library for Android will make its debut alongside Simplenote Android. For any developers in the crowd, this combo allows seamless, iCloud-style syncing across device types — from Core Data on iOS/OSX to sqlite on Android and back again with a minimum amount of fuss.

Changes to Simplenote Premium

Did you know about Simplenote Premium? Probably not. We’ve never focused on encouraging people to upgrade. We’re pausing premium upgrades for now while we figure out the best way to offer more features to power users. If you’re already a premium user, you’ll get a free extension in the meantime.


This is happening in the coming weeks. We’re excited to start sharing more. Stay classy, stay simple.

31 thoughts on “Simplenote relaunch

  1. Anyone know how to get a refund on my Premium subscription? I paid in July and no premium features have EVER worked for me. The Premium email support? Unanswered. All I wanted was to have Simplenote sync to Dropbox, like advertised. It’s never worked and I’ve never heard why. If you use Simplenote’s free service, it seemed to work fine for me. But be warned: they don’t seem interested in taking care of their paying customers.

    1. Mike, I have had exactly the same experience as you, I don’t think the answer to bad service is to offer more free bad service. I would also like a refund on my premium subscription.

  2. Can’t wait! I’ve been a premium subscriber and near-daily user for years, so I’ll be happy for any opportunity to support a bigger, better, and (most importantly) faster Simplenote!

  3. Still remembering the syncing problems that happened just before Automattic bought Simperium. I really liked Simplenotes and used it all the time until it generated multiple versions of my files and and the problem continued for weeks so I had to stop using it. Don’t know if I will give it another try, especially seeing all these duplicate files when entering the Simplenote site.

    1. We’ve been doing a lot of work on the backend. If you have an older account you haven’t been using, you can try deleting it and starting over, or removing your notes and emptying the trash. This’ll let you start fresh once the new versions are available.

  4. I hope you guys don’t go evernote route and require paid service for offline notes
    also windows app when? none of the programs you listed are adequate

  5. My prayers have finally been answered. Thank you for announcing the Android app! Simplenote is the most important mobile app for me.

  6. I’m super happy to see the new Android client!

    I have another question: I am the author of nvpy, a cross-platform simplenote client that uses the old API v2 (via GAE). Simperium could not figure out what to do with me, because API key can’t be obfuscated in open source.

    Would there be any way for me to port nvpy to the new automattic API?

  7. I am really excited about the release of the Android app for SimpleNote.

    I have been a big fan of simplenote, and I had a hard time finding applications in google play that are compatible with simplenote.

    The thing is, I can’t find the beta version anywhere. Can you tell us if it is available ?

    And if it is not available in beta version, I hope you guys release a final version as soon as possible !

  8. CPbotha, I’m in the same boat. I’m working on an open source app, and I contacted them to see about using Simperium in my app. At least with you, they responded. I never once had anyone respond. I applied over a month ago.

  9. Please create a version for the Windows 8 Phone platform. I daily use Simplenote on my iPad and via ResophNotes on my Windows 8 computer. I am a big fan of this software: text files with tags.

  10. I just hope that the new iPhone app will be compatible with os6. I’m not getting a new device just to use simplenote… You may lose a user..

  11. If you try I try to enter text in Safari on Mac, Simplenote website can not be input if I repeat the automatic reload. I will ask for improvement.

  12. For me Simplenote with iOS7 on my iPhone 5 is very slow. Actually not usable. I had to switch to Apples own notes app for now.

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