Windows and Linux App Update Now Available

An update is now available for the Windows and Linux app. Version 1.0.2 is a bug fix release that includes:

  • A fix for notes sometimes not syncing when the connection went offline.
  • Links now open in an external browser instead of an internal window.
  • Small design improvements.

The apps can be downloaded here. Want to help make Simplenote better? It is open source and accepting pull requests over at GitHub.

Happy noting!

– The Simplenote Team

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6 thoughts on “Windows and Linux App Update Now Available

  1. No way to store notes alphabetically so not worth the space in computer. Can’t believe they do not have any way to select how you want to look at notes, seems last is is first on top.

  2. This’s very good app. Updates helped me a lot.
    How speak in Russia “Otlichno, blyat”.

  3. Still missing the most important thing: HIGHLIGHTING the search string in the notes. Until this doesn’t work, this is just not suitable for everyday work.

    1. Ah, no highlighting yet? :(( That’s really disappointing, Dan. The only thing that forced me to use Resophnotes regularly, instead of the ui-superior official Simplenote app was the non-existence of highlighting the search string in notes 😦

      Hope for the next update this will be addressed 😦

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