Design Refresh and Markdown in Latest Android Update


Today we launched version 1.5 of Simplenote for Android, which includes a design refresh to match up with our new Windows and Linux apps as well as the ability to add formatting to your notes using markdown.

Happy noting!

– The Simplenote Team

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15 thoughts on “Design Refresh and Markdown in Latest Android Update

    1. Not that I actually know, but they probably want to release iOS and macOS simultaneously. Those apps are probably using older (sloppy?) code. They may be working on a recode or just are having trouble with the existing code. They might even be using Swift, or trying it out.

      That said, I am very saddened that we are last.

  1. I’m so glad this feature finally landed. The app instantly becomes 100% more useful with it, so big thanks! On a side note, I wish the default view when opening notes was “Preview”, not “Edit”. At least in my case, I use the mobile app mostly for reading notes, whereas editing is normally relegated to the computer, with a proper keyboard. Even more important, defaulting to edit is prone to accidentally deleting content due to unintended taps, which becomes an even greater problem with the auto-save feature.

  2. A very welcome feature, but it seems you have to enable it per-note. Is there no way to choose to enable it globally? And as Daniel says, it would be great to be able to choose if you want ‘Preview’ or ‘Edit’ as the default view. And to show the formatting rather than the raw Markdown when in list view.

    Looking forward to this coming to the OSX app, otherwise it’s somewhat jarring having a major feature in one version but not another.

    1. There’s no global setting, but new notes will have it enabled if it was turned on for a previous note.

      1. “but new notes will have it enabled if it was turned on for a previous note.”

        Simplenote for Android doesn’t do this; it’ll come in Edit mode each and every time.

      2. So you are referring to the toggle to turn Markdown or/off on a per-note basis. I understand you now, but that’s not the point being discussed. The problem is that the Android app opens Markdown notes in “Edit” mode instead of “Preview”. That means you have to tap once to select the note you want to open, and then tap “Preview” to bail out of edit mode.

        Imagine a web browser that showed HTML source code by default, constantly requiring you to click a button to see the actual page. That would sure get tiresome after clicking a few links! In fact, Simplenote’s own web app got this right; it opens everything in Preview mode, making navigating notes is a breeze.

  3. So now instead of having NO way to do bold or italic, we now can do bold or italics only if we’re willing to type 3-4 extra characters for every line break instead of just hitting Return. Wouldn’t call this progress.

    Also, defaulting to open in Edit instead of Preview doesn’t make much sense once you’ve finished the note.

  4. First of all, thank you for a great update of the android app.

    I’d like to add my vote for defaulting to Preview, or giving us the choice in the Settings.

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