Try the New macOS Beta

Update [Feb 2021]: This post was published in 2017 and the information below is outdated. We now officially support the native macOS version of Simplenote, which can be found in the App Store. It is under active development and includes the same features as the Electron version.


Today you can try out a new Simplenote beta for macOS that was built using Electron, the web technology we used for the Windows and Linux apps. If you’ve used these apps before, this version for macOS should feel right at home. We built this app from the ground up to support all the features that our mobile apps support, including publishing and Markdown.

If you’ve used our native macOS application in the past and have been missing some of the unsupported features like Markdown we encourage you to try this one out and let us know how it compares. The native app won’t go away any time soon, but we’re exploring the possibility of eventually replacing it with the Electron version.

Ready to try it out? Download now!

We’d appreciate any feedback you have on the beta. You can leave a comment on this post or file a new issue on GitHub.

Thanks and happy noting from the Simplenote team!

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8 thoughts on “Try the New macOS Beta

  1. Definitely going to try this out. While I’ve largely switched to iA Writer, and prefer to keep my info fewer places, Simplenote’s publishing feature is hard to replace.

  2. I love Simplenote. All the screen shots you show have images in the notes but I can’t seem to add images. How do you do it?

    1. You can add images using Markdown by entering the image url with some special tags around it. Here’s the code from the screenshot:


      There’s no current way to attach images directly to a note.

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