iOS and macOS Update Now Available

New updates are now available for Simplenote iOS and macOS.

Download now:

Here’s what’s new:


The iOS app has received an update to the UI, including:

  • Updated tag menu which makes it easier to access the Trash and Settings.
  • Tweaked dark theme colors.
  • Font changed to San Francisco for better readability and language support.

You can also now search your notes via Spotlight. This setting can be turned off in the iOS spotlight settings if you prefer.


The macOS update is mainly bug fixes. If you’re interested in more details, you can view them over at GitHub.

We’d like to thank all of our Open Source contributors that helped with these releases. We hope you enjoy the updates and happy noting from the Simplenote team!

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12 thoughts on “iOS and macOS Update Now Available

  1. The dark mode is more legible and should work well with Night Shift. Tags are a nice tweak. I’m going to give the update 5 stars, but I have to admit… iA Writer have become my go to text editor and note keeper. The macOS app is really nice. I still use Simplenote, it’s a great app, but not like I used too.

  2. Can you PLEASE add support for markdown in the macOS app. Literally every other platform has markdown support except for macOS.

    1. We are thinking of also releasing our Electron app for macOS, which would include markdown support. Still working out a few things first!

  3. The tag functionality is not available in the korean version.
    For example, the word ” 안녕(hello) ” is
    wrongly written as “ㅇ ㅏㄴㄴ ㅕㅇ”.
    This app is great enough, but if you update it, it’ll be perfect.
    Sorry for not being good at English.

  4. the old dark mode color scheme is what kept me coming back to this app, wasn’t over contrasted. ive used this app since 2010 before you had dark mode though so i guess ill just switch to light again. or just switch apps entirely

  5. Please, give the option for the darker text back. I use simplenote while i am on the bus or at school and i don’t want people to be able to read what i’m writting. After this update, the white text on black background gives it away! I’m not complaining, but it would be great if the old theme with a darker text color would still be an option. That was the only reason why i was using this app in the first place!

  6. Would love to see San Francisco make its way to the macOS version. Somewhat surprised that there’s now an inconsistency between the macOS and the iOS versions. Something you’d consider doing?

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