Markdown Added in Latest iOS App Update


Today we’re excited to announce that Markdown support has been added to the latest update of Simplenote for iOS.

To enable Markdown for a note, just tap on the ‘Markdown’ button in the note info panel. You can then swipe on the note editor to view the Markdown preview. Once you’ve enabled Markdown for a note, all new notes you create in the future will have it enabled by default. We hope you enjoy this handy new feature!

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We’ve also received a great response to our recent open sourcing of the apps. Thanks to everyone who has been submitting issues and pull requests on GitHub.

Happy noting!

– The Simplenote Team


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13 thoughts on “Markdown Added in Latest iOS App Update

  1. I’m really excited about this. The Markdown view looks great. I would love for it to be the default. All of my notes marked as Markdown had the setting there correctly. Thanks for all the hard work. 🙂 Looking forward to the Mac update.

    1. We use the hoedown library to do our Markdown processing, which mostly conforms to the Markdown v1.0.0 and v1.0.3 test suites and the CommonMark spec. We also enable extensions for automatically linkifying URLs, fenced code blocks, and footnotes.

  2. Love having Markdown! The Markdown horizontal rule is basically invisible using the light background scheme on iPad Air. Looks OK on the dark background but perhaps could use another pixel for a stronger line.

  3. Love Simplenote and very happy for the addition of Markdown to offer additional formatting and media options. But if you don’t make the formatted (or “Preview mode ) view the default view, what’s the point of having it? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE either make the Preview view the default or at least give your users to option to turn that on.

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