Big macOS App Update Available Now

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A new update of Simplenote for macOS is now available in the App Store! Here’s what’s new in version 1.2.0:

New Look

The app’s user interface has been updated to match the new design we implemented previously in the Windows and Linux apps. You’ll find a new toolbar at the top with some new buttons to toggle the tag drawer and share your notes. We’ve also moved the search bar from the bottom of the notes list to the toolbar at the top.

Improved Note Sharing

In the new toolbar you’ll see a new button that will allow for sharing your note to any other app on macOS that is compatible with text sharing:

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You’ll also find the ‘Publish to Web’ option there now, which will publish your note to and give you a handy shortlink for sharing.

Improved Search

Search is now more powerful than ever! We’ve matched up the behavior of searching your notes to the iOS app. Now you can search for multiple words in notes, regardless of their order.

More Changes

The update includes many minor bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • The app now uses the native macOS font, San Francisco.
  • Scroll positions are saved in the note editor per note and restored when loading the note again.
  • Fixed a crash when moving the app from a retina screen to a non-retina screen.

What’s Next?

The app is still missing Markdown support, so we are going to get that added in the next update.

Happy noting from the Simplenote team!

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28 thoughts on “Big macOS App Update Available Now

  1. I like Simplenote because it doesn’t have markdown. Whenever you do add markdown support, please give us the ability to toggle it in settings. So many writing apps don’t give you a choice.

    1. Yes, it will work like our other apps where you can enable Markdown on a per-note basis. If you don’t enable it, the editor works exactly the same.

      1. Y’all are determined to never make me want to stop using my favorite app. Me from the year 2008 never could have imagined future me would still be using Simplenote every day almost ten years later. At this rate there’s a chance Simplenote will be at my funeral one day.

      1. But I have downloaded the (1.0.8) on my Mac so why does it work on my Mac if its only for Windows and Linux? As a Mac user what should I use then? Because I have been using the (1.0.8)

      2. You can use either version, but I would recommend you grab the App Store version so that you can receive automatic updates!

    1. Bad idea. No chance! Never. Simplenote is meant to be simple. Want a bloated piece of junk? Get Evernote.

  2. Hi Dan! Lovely update. One bug (well, I think it’s a bug) and one suggestion:

    Bug: the “Tags” sidebar does not stay closed between launches.

    Suggestion: as noted above, some (crazy) people don’t want/like the SF font, so the option to change it would be nice to have.


  3. Nice interface. I’m using the iOS app and happy with that. But I think it lack feature of inserting images from the gallery to the note. Not a big deal but on mobile phones, images are important.

  4. When will support for exporting all of a notes history be added? And/or saving a older version of a single notes history as a new note? If say I wanted to do a comparison of a notes versions side by side will that be supported?

  5. Hello,
    First, thank you for the update. Publishing notes on the web is a big deal to me.

    Some thoughts:
    – There are no way to jump to note tags without leaving keyboard.
    – No way to have “two word” tags.
    – No way to pin the note fast (at least menu bar item so I could bind my shortcut?). Current flow: Open note → Click Info → Click Pin to Top; same for unpin.
    – UI for History and Publish functions doesn’t match general style (not updated yet?). Also, it would be handy if the link will be selected after generation.

    Feature requests:
    – Search for or select multiple tags. I.e. “feedback, project_name” to see all feedback notes in the project.
    – Bold and italic? Anyway, this can be done via Markdown in a later update.

    Have a good day

  6. Merry Christmas,

    I’m reporting a bug here of not being able to sign in to the web app; the web interface keeps telling me “Your username or password seems incorrect.” and the password reset page says “Sorry, try again.” Strangly the syncronization still works and I can sign in using all the other apps. But I’d really love to use some of the features on the web app.

    Any suggestions?

    1. I had the same issue with my Simplenote account after this Mac app update was rolled out – was not able to login into my Simplenote account on the web either. Reached out to Simplenote customer support on their website and they sorted out things for me in 3 days.

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