A Better Way to Keep Track of Your Tasks? Check!

Simplenote is great for keeping your life organized without getting in your way. Now, it gives you a whole new way to stay on top of your tasks: Checklists! Here’s one in action:

Adding a checklist in the macOS app.

On our mobile apps, you’ll find a new button in the editor toolbar to add a checklist. On Desktop, head to Format → Insert Checklist. Nested Checklists are also supported, in case you need an extra level of organization.

A nested checklist in the iOS app.

Checklists are compatible with the GitHub task lists markdown syntax, so Markdown users will see their existing lists automatically transform to checkable lists in the app! You can see this in action by typing “- [ ]” in a note.

And as always, every update to your checklists will get synced with all of your devices, for free.

Collaborate on a Checklist

Did you know you can collaborate on a note with other Simplenote users? With checklists that becomes even more powerful — use shared notes to working with others on shopping lists, to-dos, and more. To share a note with another user, add their Simplenote account email address to the tags field of the note, or use the Sharing menu in the app.

Get the App

New to Simplenote? It’s free, and you can download it here.

We really hope you enjoy using Checklists, and happy noting!

– The Simplenote Team

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15 thoughts on “A Better Way to Keep Track of Your Tasks? Check!

  1. It’s a really nice feature, and one that helps it compar to other tools. Lists are useful for simple shopping, ingredients, and todos, but they also can let you use notes as GTD projects with tasks as subcomponent.

    What I really want is end-to-end encryption. That’s a modern must have. Simplenote can be hacked, and all notes are wide open. You can’t even encrypt a set of notes, say with a special “Encrypted” tag, let alone have everything protected. I’ve stopped using the service because it isn’t trustworthy, and without encryption it’s claims are compromised.

    Shame. Great service otherwise.

  2. It would be better to maintain the tasklist markdown as a text – [ ] or – [x] in order to avoid switching between keyboard and mouse in Windows and also to aviod switching between tab and keyboard in iOS. Markdown is a text. Please keep it.

      1. Simplenote 1.4.1 on MacOS Sierra 10.12.6

        While the checkbox appears on Preview Markdown mode, it does not appear in the normal entry mode. So there’s no visual confirmation that you’re in checklist mode during text entry (other than perhaps a slight indentation).

        I’m expecting to see “- [ ]”.

        This issue is both after Format > Insert Checklist as well as manually typing “- [ ]” (in the latter, the characters simply disappear after typing).

  3. Simplenote, you’re paving your way for becoming a bloated app. Checklists, real-time collaboration, compulsory account creation (but no 2FA support)… I wonder when Simplenote stopped being — surprise, surprise! — simple. Shame on you.

    All these useless features and no end-to-end encryption. Way to go, Simplenote, way to go…

  4. On Mac app, Strikethrough (~~striked word~~) is not rendered as expected during Preview Markdown mode. It shows the tildes as typed.

  5. On Android app, clickable check boxes for Checklist are shown in Edit mode, while “- [ ]” is shown in Preview mode. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

    And how does one add nested checklist?

  6. Why are there basic bugs in the apps? Don’t make your users be testers. I expect more from the Automattic team.

    1. Thanks for the reports, the issues you reported are already logged on GitHub for tracking and fixing in future releases.

  7. Below you state “Nested Checklists are also supported” but I don’t see how to do that. I have the MacOS app and the Android app.

    1. You add spaces before you insert the checklist. After pressing return, the app will add another checklist at the same nested position.

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