Bolder, Brighter, and Better

You may have already noticed that looks a bit different. Eagle eyes might have also noticed that our brand blue is also a little different. Well-spotted!

The Website

We wanted our website to mirror the simplicity in design that’s the hallmark of our apps (and a redesign was certainly overdue!). Our new site was built entirely on using the new block editor and is a testament to what’s possible with a good WordPress theme and a sprinkle of CSS.

Our New Blue

As you may know, our goal has been to improve accessibility across all platforms. Simplenote is part of the Automattic product family, so we’d temporarily incorporated a more accessible color from the WordPress palette into the Simplenote apps. But now we’re moving to our own new brand blue to provide an accessible experience for Simplenote fans and also give Simplenote its own unique identity.

Happy noting!

– The Simplenote Team

Published by Sylvester Wilmott

Mobile designer @ Automattic

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