Simplenote 2.12, a maintenance release

Apple has approved an important maintenance release: fix for a sync problem related to international time/date formats fix for cursor disappearing in landscape mode fix for “upside-down” orientation Version 2.13 will be a maintenance release as well. It will address the problem where a small (but annoying) amount of text can be erased if youContinue reading “Simplenote 2.12, a maintenance release”

Simplenote 2.10 released, 2.11 on the way

Simplenote 2.10 has been available for awhile now, featuring a new “interim” icon, the ability to swipe-delete notes, and an improved note editing toolbar. And 2.11 is coming soon! The changes will include: An improved, final icon An improved search bar that looks and feels more like other search bars A better solution for updatingContinue reading “Simplenote 2.10 released, 2.11 on the way”

Simplenote awarded best in class

The folks over at have declared Simplenote to be their top choice for notes apps on the iPhone and iPod touch: “Even without Gruber’s endorsement, Simplenote came away as the best in class. At $1.99, it’s hard to beat if you’re looking for a clean, simple, stable, syncing notes app.”