Note duplication experienced by some users

Some users who have been active in the past 12 hours have experienced duplicate notes appearing in their accounts due to a problem we introduced in a backend update. We’ve addressed this problem and it’s now safe to sync again. For the majority of people who encountered this problem, you shouldn’t see very many duplicateContinue reading “Note duplication experienced by some users”

Disabling the “Detect Links” feature by default

The “Detect Links” feature in Simplenote uses the built-in capability of iPhone OS 3.0 to automatically detect web addresses and other info in your notes, and convert these into tappable links. This feature will be disabled as of the next update. For those of you who rely on link detection, you’ll be able to re-enable it, but it will behave differently. We’d like to take a moment to explain all the details.

Notational Velocity with Simplenote syncing available now

Zach Schneirov, who maintains the wonderfully minimal Notational Velocity notes app for Mac OS X, has added full support for Simplenote syncing. You can get Notational Velocity for free or read about how his implementation handles various syncing scenarios to provide a very robust experience. A lot of people have been anticipating this since weContinue reading “Notational Velocity with Simplenote syncing available now”

Positive mentions at TUAW, Gizmodo, and Lifehacker

We’re extremely happy that the latest release of Simplenote as a free app has been very well received. The Unnofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) calls Simplenote “a worthy replacement for Notes.” Meanwhile, Gizmodo lists Simplenote at the top of its list of “Best iPhone Apps” last week alongside Facebook and several other fine apps. And finally,Continue reading “Positive mentions at TUAW, Gizmodo, and Lifehacker”

A letter to our users: Simplenote is now free

Today we’re announcing that the full version of Simplenote is available as a free download for iPhone and iPod touch users worldwide. We’re partnering with the great Fusion ad network to make this possible. (If you use the free version of Tweetie for Mac, then you know what Fusion is all about).

We’d like to tell you why we made this decision and what it means to you.

Winners of the WhySimplenote contest

Tweets have been tallied, emails read, and discussion threads unwoven. We received a wide range of entries. Some people chose to review the app, others described specific uses, and still others were downright silly. We loved reading your stories and feedback!

In the spirit of the “why” part of “WhySimplenote” we selected winners who described exactly why they use Simplenote. For fun, we picked some honorable mentions as well. Winners receive a $30 iTunes gift card and a free upgrade to Simplenote Premium. Honorable mentions get a premium upgrade too. Here are the winners:

Simplenote 2.5 approved in record time!

Well, that was fast and unexpected. Apple approved Simplenote 2.5 before we even announced that we submitted it! We’re scrambling a bit over here, so please bear with us…

This version has a healthy list of improvements and fixes. When combined with all the changes in the last big update, we felt this warranted a version bump to 2.5. Here’s the complete list:

  • faster scrolling performance of note list
  • faster startup time
  • much faster syncing
  • added option to disable automatic links
  • hide search bar by default
  • added option to not hide search bar
  • prompt new users to create an account
  • added password confirmation field to account creation
  • use standard network progress indicator
  • removed custom network progress indicator
  • improved appearance of 0-line note previews
  • improved reliability of sync-on-close and sync-on-resume
  • fixed date in note editor when sorting by creation
  • fixed note list skipping when sorting by creation
  • fixed some localization problems
  • fixed some problems when viewing searched notes
  • fixed rare crash when clearing search field
  • fixed potential crash when the app closes

DashNote, a dashboard widget by Resen

Resen, Corp. has officially released DashNote, a Simplenote dashboard widget for OS X. DashNote’s interface is clean and simple, just the way we like it. Similar to other Simplenote Extras, DashNote lets you view and edit your notes while staying in perpetual sync with your iPhone or iPod touch, as well our web app. OnContinue reading “DashNote, a dashboard widget by Resen”