Recent login and sync problems

We’d like to apologize for some recent, intermittent problems when signing into Simplenote and syncing your data. The root cause is a problem at our hosting provider that is beyond our control. Thankfully, a large number of very smart people are working to solve that problem urgently. An unintended side-effect is that, when one ofContinue reading “Recent login and sync problems”

Critical update 3.0.3, forthcoming 3.0.4

A critical Simplenote update has been released for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It contains the following fixes:  fixed a problem that could result in data loss if you updated but had not yet created an account fixed a problem that could result in data loss while working offline fixed some problems with tags (althoughContinue reading “Critical update 3.0.3, forthcoming 3.0.4”

A major new version is coming!

We’re proud to announce that a major new version of Simplenote is just around the corner. It should be available in a matter of days. In the meantime, we’re temporarily absent from the App Store. We apologize for that. We encountered some unfortunate problems with a new App Store release process.

But the update is coming, and soon! We’re not revealing all the details until it’s live, but we’d like to at least prepare you for what to expect.

Simplenote on Android, and the Holy Grail

Sometimes everything happens at once. That appears to be the case with Simplenote clients for Android this week. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there are now three separate notes apps for Android that work with Simplenote. Great! We’ve added them to our Extras page. These are fairly basic offerings at the moment, but hopefully they’ll continueContinue reading “Simplenote on Android, and the Holy Grail”

Support for Apple’s latest updates

Some people have been asking about whether or not we’ll support Apple’s latest operating system, iOS4, and the new, higher resolution iPhone 4. The short answer is yes! Actually, Simplenote already works with both iOS4 and the iPhone 4. But there are some improvements we can make. In particular, we’ll improve the quality of someContinue reading “Support for Apple’s latest updates”

Simplenote, full speed ahead!

We’ve decided to focus full time on Simplenote. Henceforth, we’re elevating Simplenote from its humble status as one of several side projects to the lofty position of core product and service. This has several implications. Administratively, and less importantly, we founded a new company. Simplenote is now brought to you by Simperium (@simperium on Twitter).Continue reading “Simplenote, full speed ahead!”

Maintenance update approved

Apple has recently approved a maintenance update for Simplenote that fixes several problems: fixed auto-opened note not syncing on iPhone and iPod touch fixed iPad not scrolling properly with physical keyboards fixed incorrect list selection after editing a note from search results fixed crash when tapping trash button with no notes fixed corrupted ad displayContinue reading “Maintenance update approved”