The Year Ahead

Twenty-twelve has been an exciting year: we’ve been focused on building a system called Simperium that not only increases the speed and reliability of Simplenote, but enables other applications to have the same effortless synchronization and online/offline capabilities. The Nitty-Gritty The legacy version of Simplenote’s API is hosted on Google App Engine. Many of theContinue reading “The Year Ahead”

Today’s interruption of services

Earlier today, the Simplenote web app stopped displaying notes for many people, and syncing with devices was temporarily disabled. The cause of this interruption was a problem with our servers that we’ve since fixed. All services are beginning to come online now. We’re taking steps to prevent these kinds of interruptions in the future, andContinue reading “Today’s interruption of services”

Performance, stability and reliability

We’ve been hard at work testing Simplenote 3.2, an update that is aimed at improving overall performance, stability and reliability. It has no new features. Instead, it’s intended to solidify the features that are already there, and it should be ready fairly soon. Thanks to the many people who have contacted us with their kindContinue reading “Performance, stability and reliability”

Simplenote for iOS temporarily unavailable

We released a small update today that was causing problems for some people, so we pulled it before many people downloaded it. A new update has been submitted. Alas, Simplenote for iOS won’t be available for download in the meantime, but hopefully not for long. If you were among the small number of people whoContinue reading “Simplenote for iOS temporarily unavailable”

Temporarily absent from the App Store

Today we briefly released an update to Simplenote for iOS that introduced a bug. Under some circumstances, your notes could become invisible. Not actually gone, just seemingly gone. We decided to pull the update from the App Store, which means new users can’t download it either. We’ve already fixed the problem and are now awaitingContinue reading “Temporarily absent from the App Store”