Markdown Support Added in Latest macOS App Update

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We’re excited to announce today that Simplenote for macOS 1.3 now supports Markdown. Also included is something new for a Simplenote app: the ability to see a live preview in the note editor of basic Markdown text formatting such as bold, italic, headings, etc:

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 2.08.15 PM

You can enable the markdown editor by clicking `Markdown formatted` in the note info panel. Tap the eye icon to preview your note as it would appear when published to the web.

We’ve also included a new About Screen in this release as well as numerous bug fixes. A special thanks to all of our open source contributors who helped out!

Need to download the app? Get it from the Mac App Store here.

Happy noting,
The Simplenote Team

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6 thoughts on “Markdown Support Added in Latest macOS App Update

  1. Simplenote Team! This is the update we’ve been waiting for – thank you, thank you! One question I have is re: the rendered formatting when we’re previewing the Markdown. How is the app determining the font used? On my machine it renders in a serif font, whereas in non-formatted, I am in a san serif. What are your thoughts? J

    1. The app uses the system font (San Francisco) for the editor, and the preview uses the font used when published to the web which is currently ‘Noto Serif’.

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