Simplenote is Now Available in the Windows Store


We’re pleased to announce that Simplenote can now be downloaded directly from the Windows Store. Downloading from the Store will allow updates to the app to be delivered automatically.

The app can only be downloaded from the Windows Store if you are using Windows 10. Still on Windows 7 or 8? Don’t worry, you can still download the app from our releases page on GitHub.

Download from the Windows Store now at

Happy noting!
– The Simplenote Team


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4 thoughts on “Simplenote is Now Available in the Windows Store

  1. Can you tell me the difference between the Windows store app and your standalone app for Windows? Is the latter being deprecated?

    1. It’s the same app, packaged up and released to the Windows Store. We are keeping the standalone download available for Windows 7 and 8 users, but that will also still work fine for Windows 10 if you’d prefer.

  2. I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for this app. It is a *major* help to me coordinating my life.
    Just curious – do you have any plans to add voice recognition to it? (Voice to text.) Just last evening, I downloaded an app called ‘Speechy’ which works quite well (the transcription is accurate most of the time) but the rest of the structure could use a lot of work). I can speak, for instance,ten items to do into it and then export that list to Simplenote. It works but is a clumsy workaround. I would love to be able to speak them into Simplenote directly.

    Thanks so much for writing this software! I love it!

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